Thursday, October 15, 2009

Transparency in Action

Barrack Obama came into office and promised he would change Washington. Barrack Obama came into office and said he would lead the most transparent administration in our history. Barrack Obama came into office and brought with him Chicago style politics.

Below, behold the Door. Behind this door are Harry Reid, Max Baucus, Christopher Dodd and Rahm "Mr. Dead Fish" Emanuel from the White House. You know that place of great transparency and openness in governmental process.

It's closed because all the above people are Democrats and they are now 'crafting' the Legislative Language that will go into the recently passed Senate Finance committee bill. Yeah it was written with "place holder plain text" in place of actual legal language. This means that the CBO cost estimate is all vapor-ware too. How do you estimate a Bill with no language in it? I don't know either but the CBO does it regularly.

Oh, are you wondering about that Bi-partisan work ethic that Barrack Obama said he was going to bring to this new government, you know, par of all the 'hopey', 'changey' he promised.

Well, since one Republican voted for this monstrosity (well actually that was a RINO that voted for it, but that 'R' counts in Washington) they let them get a whiff of the 'negotiations' (that's what they call this, negotiating, boy they sure know how to use those big words there in Washington), from the hall way, then they closed and locked the door.

You know that feeling you are getting in your wallet or pocketbook, yeah that's those guys taking what ever you have left to pay for the 2-Trillion dollar health care program they want to bring all of us. And those are not CBO numbers, these are from Harry Reid, and I am sure he knows exactly what he is stuffing into this 'reconciled' bill.

I can hardly wait. Bring me more Transparency!!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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