Monday, October 12, 2009

CinC Priorities

Priorities. Yes they say a lot about you. While the brave men of the US Army and the US Marine Corps on the ground in Afghanistan wait for the "analysis" by the CinC of the request for reinforcements by General Stanley McCrystal, that very CinC goes off to make promises to reverse DADT for the entire military. In a speech to the group Human Rights Campaign, a pro-Gay Rights lobbying group the PresBO said he would reverse the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy allowing Gay's unrestricted service within the US Military. "We are moving ahead on Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

How many days has it been since that report landed on his desk? What's it been since August 30th, 43 days? How many lives have we lost in Afghanistan since then? But he has the time to make another flowery speech to a bunch of wild-ass Gay's. Come on, he has no plans on how he is going to implement this new policy he just has yet another empty promise. But fine Men are dying over there and he needs to Man-up and either give the General what he says he needs or cut and run.

This is HIS war, this was supposed to be the "Good War", or so say the Nancy Pelosi and the Harry Reid's of the world. The Dem's were more than happy to bash Bush with his choice for fighting in Iraq and not "finishing what we started" in Afghanistan. Ok already, lets finish it one way or the other!

Now I admit, I have an ulterior motive here, it's not simply to bash the PresBO or besmirch Gay's and their desire to serve in the Military. I have skin over there and I don't want to see him left out to dry. Or for that matter any member of our Military that is working and fighting hard stay alive. I wish I could say they were working and fighting to win, but that is not proper vernacular in the new paradigm as presented by PresBO. He is not interested in winning.

Fight to win or Cut and run. Simple as that.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

There are a LOT of reasons to take issue with The One, but his dilly-dallying around about what SHOULD be a no-brainer in any thinking person's book is inexcusable. Wait. I think I hit on something there...

JimmyT said...

Buck, and they announce today that then will be a couple of more weeks. What a bunch of hooey!

BT: Jimmy T sends.