Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bravo Working Party - Update

Last weekend I called out the Bravo Working Party to work on the setting up of alternate living quarters for my Koi Fry. This meant building a filter system, installing gravel and pumps (air and water) into the 125 gallon aquarium that would be the winter home of the few Koi Fry that survived the summer months.

Well, here is a short photo essay on the workings of that day. All in all a good day, save the run-in at the local Home Depot, which by the way they are now on my official "Crap List" for the rest of the year.

Right. The fill has started and I have added stones to break up the scene. I'll add gravel next and continue to add water. The little black rectangle on the right is the pump housing. It will pump the water into the filter pot on the left and below.

Below. This is my filter pot it is a take off on what I do in the pond outside. There are plastic tubes (1/2" PVC Pipe) at the very bottom that will act to hold up larger pipe (11/2" PVC Pipe). This area will be a sediment bed holding solids. The larger plastic pipes I stuff with filter media and will be used as a home for a colony of algae eating bacteria. I then add some more filter media and bags stuffed with activated charcoal and amino stones.

Right. Here is one of the filter bags under construction. The bag is material that is used to line underground tubing. It is made to keep sediment out of the pipe and allow water to pass through. I tie a knot in one end and then fill it with the material and then tie of the other end. You can mold these bags to fit the shape of the container they are going into for a good tight snug fit.

Below. Once the water is in place it is time for the chemistry. I have to match the temperature and the PH of the water the fish are living in here, so I have to test and adjust accordingly. The temperature was the hardest. I also test for chlorine content and salinity. I actually add salt to the water as the higher salinity kills lots of fish parasites and it helps their gills. Or so I am told.

Time for the move. You can see the pot they were living in during the summer. The pot holds maybe 20 gallons of water, I kept water Hyacinths in the pot to provide shade from the sun.

Below. Fish capture went smoothly. I simply pumped the water out and using a small net captured the little beauties. There were 34 left all told. That was a large die off from the thousands that hatched. I am guessing that the larger ones are their size from eating their smaller brothers and sisters.

In the new Digs. They seem to be doing well, none of them went Tango Uniform. Not sure if they

have Tango's though, but no floaters.

Here is the cover under construction. My work shop is usually more organized but I have been in the midst of getting rid of stuff and there are things out that are headed to good will. And Craig's list too!!

The final product. The cover fits like a glove. I have to drill in some vent holes as I am getting condensation on the glass. Oh, Mrs. T wants me to stain the cover, to match the bottom. Not sure I wan t to do that.

Above, Lady on Guard Duty. She watches over the fish outside so it is naturally fitting that she is now doing that same function here. If any get loose and escape she will be the first to know!

I finished mid-way through the Flyers game against the Washington Capitals, another winning campaign.

It has now been one full week and the water is nice and clear, we did get some clouding mid-week but I added some bacterial reinforcements and it cleared right up.

Let's hope they grow large enough to be added to the Pond by the time the next batch of eggs comes along!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

Kewl! You have and Ewok!

Buck said...


JimmyT said...

Lou, Buck, thanks to both of you.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

virgil xenophon said...

Jimmy T/

Forgot to answer back there when you told me it was a 125 gal tank. That WAS the size of ours too. And you're right about heavy! We had to dismount, move, and re-install when we moved cross-town in Louisville. How we did it w.o. flexing and breaking the d*** thing I'll never know...