Monday, October 19, 2009

Stimulus Jobs

More talk by PresBO about the jobs he has "saved" with that wonderful stimulus bill. Spoken at a school in Maryland he mentioned that bailout stimulus money more than 250,000 teachers' jobs had been saved. All union jobs no doubt.

Now, I'm not sure but how do you really calculate a "saved" job anyway? And really, does this not simply prolong the illness that necessitated the drinking of the koolaid in the first place. I mean if a School District cannot afford to pay for teachers on their own, meaning that they don't have the tax revenues to pay for all the programs and teachers that they have, then why keep them on even with this so called "free" money? Is not this money short term? Will they have to be crossing that bridge sooner or later? And I am guessing here, that later means that the problem will be even worse.

Whatever happened to "living within your means"? These bailouts are so wrong.

Then there is this: Stimulus Math. It is an article about the total cost of jobs 'saved or created' by the stimulus and amortized out what each really costs. A staggering $533,000 per job saved or created! Good God, only the Lefties in this country things the government stepping in to save the economy is a smart thing.

Here is an example of this recklessness:

You will note that the state of Connecticut used its $47 million dollars to create 20 jobs.

On the matter of unemployment, I stumbled into this really interesting map, its interactive, go there and use the slide bar on the Year line to see how quickly we went from having lots-o-jobs (blue) to loosing so many (red). Fascinating.

Here is the link to the site.

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Buck said...

I played with the unemployment map a bit, with an eye towards my poor old former hometown: Detroit. My friends still living there tell me things are MUCH worse than the numbers would indicate, which, of course, makes me very sad. And glad to be in New Mexico.

JimmyT said...

Buck, I have relatives there. I think the disparity is that when you have been unemployed so long that you have lost unemployment compensation they stop counting you so those numbers only reflect the ones they are still counting. Plus, Michagan has had a ton of people move away too. A lot of people with the education or training have simple left the state in thier rear view mirror.

BT: Jimmy T sends.