Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11: My Observations

I did not put up anything to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of 9/11, sorry but there was plenty of stuff out there for us all to wallow in and a fair amount better than anything I could say. But it is now 9/12 and time for that other shoe to drop. That is to say: How I really Feel about this event?

I am embolden by blog buddy ASM-826 who ran a series entitled "How I Feel Now" wherein he discuss' his feelings regarding the whole Anit-American sentiment that triggered this event. He is still angered over it and quite frankly, so am I.

Now, most people that come here know that I have had at various times two Son’s in the military over this last 10 years. Both joined after 9/11 (in fact Son #1 was due to leave for Basic Training that very Tuesday but that was stalled a couple of weeks, but that did not deter him, he still joined and serves to this day) and one has in fact deployed into combat in Afghanistan (he went to Iraq as well but his battalion did not see action). Those were trying times here in the Swamp.

Skin in the game and all that.

Yeah I know, we went overseas and broke a lot of china in faraway places, hoping to change regimes and the hearts and minds of people who would be our enemy. And for the most part we have been successful; there is now a democracy in place in an Arab/Muslim country for the first time in history, no small feat. I hope they can hold onto it.

We have also toiled diligently in another hell hole of the world to little affect. It seems the people of Afghanistan don’t really care who runs the country so long as they are left alone in their poverty. That is how it has been for many centuries no need to change it now even if it is for the better. Mud huts, no electricity or running water – no problem. They have their goats.

To them I say “Hasta La vista Baby, don’t choke on the dust.” The graveyard of kingdoms is populated by the walking dead; we need not bother them anymore.

But, what really has been simmering inside me all these 10 years is the simple fact that the Arab street and those who “claim” to love Islam have simply not refuted what has happened. Look, they had a grievance of some sort, why not appear before the UN or in the Haig and register a complaint. With all the America-Haters in the UN I am sure they would have raised a stink and with Political Correctness running wild here there would have been a change.

But to fly large aircraft filled with innocent people into buildings for sole purpose of killing Americans is reprehensible. It is beyond the pale. And yet, what did the Arab Street have to say when this occurred?

Well, here it is, video from that very day 10 years a 1 day ago.

YES, that’s right. They were celebrating, dancing in the street. I saw those images live when they were first broadcast. They did not re-run them however on network TV in the states. I am sure they were not shown yesterday on the 10 anniversary either? (Unfortunately, I am in Europe again and missed all that build up however the BBC did carry the NYC 9/11 Memorial live.)

Here they are again; take a good look at this because this is really how they feel about us Americans!

And I need to point out something here that is not obvious. These people were dancing and carrying on even though they did not know who committed the attack. All they knew at this instant in time was that a whole lot of Americans were dying. And they were happy about it.

Take another look:

These folks were celebrating the simple fact that we were attacked, that Americans were being killed, they did not even know at this point who or why.

Now, riddle me this all of you Arab/Muslim defenders, why would anyone celebrate when the most charitable peoples in the world are attached? The people who saved the world from tyranny not just in WW-II but who do you think kept the Soviet Union at bay all those years? Hmmm? You really think the Saudi’s could have held their own against the Red Army marching in and taking over?

And when Bangladesh is swamped by massive tsunami who is the first nation there bringing water purification systems and medical personnel into the disaster zone. I’ll clue you into a simple fact, it was not any of the Arab or Muslim nations, it was us, the United States of America. That same military that you found so reprehensible you had to attack us over is the very military that is all too often on the spot saving lives of those in need after a natural disaster. Without asking first if those very people are friendly or what their religious beliefs are, they simply go in and take care of business.

No folks, I will stew a good long time over this. Maybe forever or until every last Muslim his has been killed or has converted over to something other than Islam.

And you don't want me as President because I would have brought a real war to the Middle East and it would not have been pretty at all by a long shot. But vengeance would have been had because that is all those people understand. Might makes Right.

BT: Jimmy T sends.