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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Colors of the Flight Deck - Green

In a continuing series on my humble electronic home, I want to introduce you to the many and varied colors of shirts worn on the Flight Deck of your typical Aircraft Carrier. The color is significant in what the people are doing and even within the color there are differences.

Explained herein Today's lesson: The Green Shirt.

So many people wear the Green Shirt that it is hard to get started, but here we go. There are two broad categories of people that wear the Green shirt, Ships Company personnel and Air Wing personnel.

Ships Company people are almost all Aviation Boatswain Mates (or Air Bosun's) of the Equipment variety or ABE. They maintain and operate the Catapult systems, the Arresting Gear systems and other devices on the flight deck (such as the Jet Blast Deflectors and the Movable Optical Visual Landing Aids System, or MOVLAS). These guys are the one that hook the aircraft up to the catapult, verify the aircraft weight, they set controls for the catapult, they are the ones who run out into the landing zone to "strip" a cross deck pendant (that part of the arresting cable that the aircraft hook grabs), they poor sockets onto the purchase cable ends, they detangle the wire when it wraps around the tail hook, and they hustle out and install the Landing Aids when it is called for by the Air Boss. These guys are always dirty, they work in the grease and oil and spilled jet fuel and they wear that mess on their Float Coats. They work all day and night; whenever an aircraft is flying these guys are at their station. These Green float coast are a solid green and usually marked with the division or the Gear they work.

Here: Arresting Gear ABE's replace the Cross Deck Pendant (CDP). The 'purchase' cable is to the left, the CDP is that part of the wire that lays out on the flight deck. It is built different than purchase cable and is inspected many times during the day and if it becomes chipped or a strand of the wire wrap is broken, the CDP is pulled out of service. The sockets and turnbuckles are desigend to allow the quick removal and replacemtent of the CDP. Between landing quick. (USN Photo)
Below: This is the Cat Hook-up, this ABE Green Shirt connects the Holdback Bar into the aircraft and the flight deck, he ensures the Launch Bar correctly engages into the catapult Shuttle. He is signaling for slack to be taken up in the cat and next will be a call for Tension.

Below: Here are some Arresting Gear Green shirts, keeping the purchase cable from tangling. The tension on the line sometimes coils up the cable to the point it wraps up into loops.

Weight Check!. This ABE runs out and stands next to the cockpit and holds this board up, it has the weight of the aircraft being connected to the Cat. The Pilot acknowledges that weight or with his hands he has them raise or lower the indicated weight. This board is shown to the Cat operators who in turn set the controls for the appropiate weight.
(USN Photo)
The Air Wing Green shirts include virtually every job specialty required to fly and maintain an aircraft. From jet engine mechanics (AD), electricians (AE), structural mechanic sheet metal (AMS), structural mechanic air frames (AMF), structural mechanic hydraulics (AMH), structural mechanic for crew systems, survival and escape equipment (AME), pararigger (PR) and electronics technician (AT). That was my rating or a branch of it. At one time there were three flavors of aviation electronics technician, your stock AT, your Fire Control Technician specialist (AQ) who were supposed to work mainly on RADAR systems, and the Anti-Submarine warfare Technician specialist (AX) which was what my specialty was. In my Squadron we used all our AT's like they were AT's, we worked all the systems without division.
The Air Wing Green shirt and the float coats worn by Squadron personnel were marked different than Ships Company Green shirts, we had a black stripe down the middle of our shirts, front and back. This stripe differentiated us from the Ships Company well that and the squadron number printed on them as well.
Photo Right: An AT is trying to get Power on the aircraft, an EA-6B. (USN Photo)

Below,, a Squadron Elictricians Mate is working on a clearance light on the wing tip of an S-3 Viking. I've been up there many times as the fairing that light is attached to is actually an ESM Receiver POD, those black square boxes with the little bumps are antennas.

(USN Photo)

Here is an AT in his office, the pilot station of an S-3B. (USN Photo)

I wore the green shirt for a long time, off and on with a white shirt. I would trade off based on how many Final checkers were available on any given day. If our squadrons Flight Deck party had enough to cover I would wear green.

In this photo, the bunch of Green Shirts are shop Rep's or Troubleshooters waiting for the call if necessary to rush in and throw a fix to an ailing system. Each Shop usually supplies at least one person to be their Rep. (USN Photo)

Below. A whole bunch of Green shirts bare a hand on this SH-60 helo. (USN Photo)

A "metal smith" or AMS working on an elevator panel. (USN Photo)

In the fruit salad of the flight deck, you will see more green than any other color. Without us Green shirts, aviation stops.
BT: Jimmy T sends.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

IHS and the MSM – The search for honest reporting

There is a lot of debate about Health Care Reform but there is only one reason that I oppose the kind of reform that is being pushed by BHO, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (has a more evil trio ever combined arms, I don't know) is that it will transform our Health Care system over to a massive Government Run health care system.

Government run health care. Just mull that over a minute. Say it again and think about what it means. Government run health care. We have a history of that, right here in the USA. Let me explain, it's ugly and it's a very personal thing for me.

My Mother was born into the Jicarilla Apache Indian Tribe. Part of the formerly great Apache Indian nation, they were kept in captivity for some 39 years outside of their original tribal areas (Florida, Alabama and Oklahoma). When finally "released" they were relegated to living on Reservations established by well meaning white people (well maybe, they were still carrying a grudge for my Mothers people). These reservations are nowhere near the size necessary for the Indians to return to their original lives (without the fighting and killing) and become self sufficient. They would require Government help to get by.

The Government, understanding this established many policies and agencies to 'help' the Indian with living in this strange new world. One of these over arching policies and agency is their Health Care policy and the Indian Health Service. Known as the IHS, this agency was established in 1887 to provide Native Americans (Indian Americans) with health service.

This agency operates clinics in 35 states around the country including Alaska. For well over 100 years the US Government has provided cradle to grave health coverage for the Native Americans in this country.

Why is this not touted in the press, why indeed is the Administration not advertising the fact that we have Government health care in full operation in the country today? Why not simply expand it to cover all 300 million Americans using the IHS as a template? Hmmmm, what could it be that the Administration, the Democrats and the MSM are all hiding from?

Let's take a look. Here is a startling series of facts. In the 1900 census there were 237,000 Native Americans remaining and there were 114,000 people counted of Asian descent. This is out a total of more than 62million Americans (see reference 1), so their portion of the population for both peoples was very small in 1900 (less than .1% for each).

What are they today?

Well the Asians account for 4.4% of the overall US Population (as of February 2006) or over 13 million (see reference 2). This is despite not having a US Agency dedicated to providing them health care. This is from them having to milk out health care the good old fashion way, from the free market system.

Over this same time the Indian Americans increased their population to a whopping 2 million or to 0.68% of the US Population (see reference 2). Stunning. It seems as if the US Government was trying to rid the country of its Natives! I mean you cannot survive as a distinct culture if you cannot grow your population. And this great health care service is slowing but surly eliminating the Indian Americans they are supposed to take care of.

This is why I don't support Government run health service. And it is more personal than you realize with me.

The Indian Americans in this country have infant mortality that is way higher than the average of the rest of Americans (2005 numbers, 6.9 All Races, 8.1 Native Americans, see reference 3). Death in the IHS Clinics is so common place that many pregnant Indian American mothers resort to extreme measure to stay out of them.

I am an example of that distrust and fear. When my Mother went into labor she demanded my Father drive her to the nearest Anglo (their word for anything white) or Public hospital. It was 80 miles away. On the way out of the little reservation town they drove past the Clinic she was supposed to go to, it was less than 2 miles from home. I was born in the back of a Rambler Classic sedan some 60 miles into that 80 mile drive. My chances of survival were better in that car alone with my little family than they were in the IHS Clinic.

This speaks volumes.

Why does anybody trust the Government to something as intimate, and important as you health care? They cannot do it better, that is a foregone conclusion.

Can they do it cheaper? Well, let's see. In 2007 the average resident of the US spent $7,421 dollars on health care (see reference 4). Seems like a lot but we have the best free market system in the world. That is a lot of money.

This is what you hear the Dem's saying all the time; they have to make health care more affordable!!! How many times do you hear them rant about the high cost of health insurance?

How much does the US Government spend on the Native Americans? Yeah, with the entire Treasury of the US behind it the Health and Human Services (which is the Department that the IHS is in) spends a mere $2400 dollars per Indian American. Cheap enough for you? If you are a senior, try buying all your Med's on that amount every year. You want a new hip, better bring one with you. Everything is rationed. Everything is planned by the bureaucracy. If it was not thought of last year, you don't get it this year.

Whatever you do, don't get sick after June. They just don't have the budget to take care of you for the full year.

You see none of this in the MSM. I have seen only passing comments on this, no big story or investigation. The Administration gets a complete pass and you know as well as I that they would simply blame everything on the Bush Administration. And that is partially true, as many, many Administrations are to blame. The one thing the BHO Administration does not want is people drawing comparisons between the IHS and that BHO desires for Universal Health Care for the entire country. Not a good track record.

Native Americans don't complain. They suck it up and take it. They are a broken people. They 'lost' the war for the great country they once lived in. To this day the best outcome for a Native American is to leave their culture behind. It is what my Mother did and why I was raised for the most part in the big City. Away from the reservation, away from the squalor and decay that is so prevalent on the reservations.

That is why so many Indian Americans run from their heritage; to get away is to survive.

No Government health care for me, if I had wanted it I would have stayed where it was free. Of course I would most likely be dead right now, but it would have been free.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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