Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wind Power Blows

This is why I don’t want one of these in My Backyard! Nuke Power Plan, fine I have one of those (our locale here in the Swamp is inside the 10-mile radius of the Limerick Generating station).

Can you imagine what it takes to put out a fire way up there especially in a rural community where the Fire Fighters are volunteers and equipped with vehicles more equipped to handle structure fires. My township only a few years ago invested in a Ladder Truck that allows the volunteers to get up to the third floors, which is the size of the largest structure in about 100 square miles of here.

And what about all the toxic gas given off by the burning of the fiberglass turbine blades? I hear that stuff is really bad for you.

And since I am a “real” environmentalist I despair at the deaths of defenseless and innocent Birds that are killed by the hundreds of thousands (in this country alone) by Wind Turbine blades.

Victims of Green Idiots:

I read somewhere that more than 1 million birds are killed in Spain alone and that country is only the size of Texas. And did you hear how many real-money-paying Jobs were killed by that Green revolution there!! Yeah, 2.2 real jobs are lost for every Green Job created and since the Government has to subsidize those Green Jobs the true impact is far greater since you have to seize more Tax money from the Working to funnel into the subsidized Green Job to keep it around. As soon as that Government money runs out, the Job ends and the person with that Job goes on Public Assistance.

That is another great benefit to the Green Revolution that no one wants to talk about.

There are lawsuits a plenty filed by Environmental groups trying to stem the tide of Bird Deaths. It’s almost comical. (More here and here.)

Now the reason for this post is all the bad press that Nuke Power is getting thanks to the Lefty-Media and their willingness to exploit the horrific incidents in Japan with the Fukushima Nuke Plant. The Media has been using anti-nuclear proponents as on-air experts on the Nuclear Power industry then using the air time to bash that industry. Their effort is to kill this industry and make sure not another nuke plant gets an operating permit in this country.

All the while, the Government Green Winnie’s led by the Dear Leader hisself pushes “re-newable” and wind energy. None of that works. Not unless you carpet the country with Wind Turbines and Solar Panels. And I mean carpet because at the efficiency rate of Wind technology (a mere 35%) you need many tens of thousands to replace the Nuke output.

And oh by the way, Wind Turbines do not reduce countries Carbon Output. The Dutch and now the Germans have released data that show for all their efforts to build and install Wind Turbines they have not reduced their Carbon foot print by “a single gram”. So, there goes that excuse.
Then there is the noise pollution, the shadow pollution and the stray voltage issue (I kid you not, cattle have been killed by the stray voltage generated by the turbines which are not properly grounded or their Earth Grounds become disconnected).

And every now and then the towers collapse.

Jeez, these things are as troublesome as a fair election in Chicago!!

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Strike Eagle Down in Libya

A USAF F-15E Strike Eagle fell out of the sky over eastern Libya. The Eagle was assigned to the "Madhatters" of th 492nd Fighter Squadron out of Lakenheath, England.

The aircraft was felled by mechanical failure not enmey action and the Crew is safe. One having been recovered by a USMC TRAP Team using a MV-22 Osprey. The other crewman was found by people on the ground friendly with the push to oust the current regime and he was returned to another Allied CSAR crew.

Here is video of the crash site which shows clearly the aircraft is an F-15. The amazing part is that one of the AIM-120 Air to Air missiles survived the crash and people are standing around it like is was just another part of the aircraft.


TRAP: This is what the Marines do that the USAF calls CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue): TRAP is Tactical Recovery of Aircaft and Personnel. My son who was assigned to the 1st Battalion of the 5th Marines was assigned to a TRAP team when he deployed on his MEU several years ago. Story here (My Son was actually part of this training evolution). Back then he performed this action out of either the MH-53 Sea Stallion or the CH-46 Sea Knight flown by the Heavy squadron in his MEU. They use the MV-22 for that now due largely to its impressive speed and range.

I am a fan of regime change in any country that has a history of killing Americans which this regime fall into. I wish the PresBO had handled this differently and was actually putting the U.S. in a Leadership role in this as oppossed to what will be a supporting role. Had we done this three weeks ago I am sure it would be over by now.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Class Warfare – Haves versus the Have-More

It’s on full bore there in Wisconsin. The Haves are besieged by the Have-Mores’ who are led by Democrat Cowards. The Haves or the Voters put in office this last November a full team of Republicans. In one election cycle the Voters replaced the Majorities in both the State General Assembly and the State Senate. And they were not done there either oh by the way, replacing their Governor with a Republican, flipping one Congressional seat from “D” to “R” and a long standing Senator (Russ Feingold). This was complete repudiation of the left leaning and took the state from a stalwart Blue to flaming Red in one fell swoop.

But this is not interpreted by the Have-Mores as an indictment of their policies and priorities. Oh no, that election had nothing to do with what they want and they want More! So the Public Employee Unions are out in full force demanding More and More. They even have that Human Eating Machine and Communist Pig Michael Moore out stumping for them.

Watch the video at your own peril as his rant is beyound what a normal American would think is right and may subject you to projectile vomiting!

The Have-Mores are demanding more of the wealth that the Have’s just don’t want to give up to those that are actually living better than they are since the average Public Union employee has an overall compensation package that is superior to the average person in Wisconsin enjoys. In fact, the average is higher than even the National average. But they want even more!

They have flooded the TV airwaves and Radio stations with attack ads complaining about those evil Republicans and the agenda to end the reign of the Have-Mores and especially Collective Bargaining. They call it a “right” but in fact it is a privilege and the way it is used in Public Employee Unions it is actually a money laundry scheme. Whereas the Union members surrender a portion of their wages to the Union leadership who siphon some of it off to compensate themselves richly for their services and then take a majority of what is left of those Dues and spend it buying DemocRat politicians. Once they get a political rat bought paid for and in Office they use that person to ‘negotiate’ new benefits and compensation to those Union members that are much better than the private sector. This includes a lavish Pension plans, way more than what the average person in American can expect ( A Bureau of Labor Statistics report in December found the average state-local government worker earns more than $40.10 an hour in salary and benefits, or almost 50 percent more than the $27.88 an hour earned by the average private worker). They get a better Health Insurance Plan completely paid for by the Public not the Union or its members. All the while the Union does not make payments to the Pension Trusts funds with those dues. The result, the Unions Pensions plans all around the country are way underfunded.

Even now in the heat of this battle the DemocRat Politicians are taking their orders from the Unions.

And that is the next battle ground. Who pays for all those pensioners that will not get any money when what little the Unions have left buying politicians run out? They want to keep as many DemocRat politicians on their payroll as possible to ensure they keep getting public payouts from higher taxes and bailouts.

Enough is enough. The Republicians in Wisconsin should hold their ground and not compromise on this issue, they will never get their financial house in order if they don't get the Unions working for them instead of the other way around.

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