Friday, October 16, 2009

Calling Trump

The lambasting of Rush Limbaugh this week over his racist rants which were in fact MADE UP is just yet another example of how quickly the Left is to throw down the Race Card. Trump. Seems too quickly, they run out of civil argument in debate of important issues: the Tea Party movement are all racist hillbilly rednecks, any criticism of PresBO can only come from a racist, show up at a gathering wearing a gun and you are a racist.

And any call of racism does in fact quash debate. You want to end any kind of discussion, just throw that out there and watch people run away, especially us white people. White Guilt it's called, even if any debt owed by the white population has long since been paid. In Blood.

The one thing that really gets my goat is the fact that the Black community (I don't use African because to me that denotes immigration status) has fully embraced Barrack Obama. They voted for him in almost complete unanimity. And good for them, he is someone they can relate to. But,

He is half white.

His mother was white, he was also raised by his white grandparents, and he went to white schools (is not Harvard lily white?). He only moved to live in Chicago when he needed to become Black.

How is it no one refers to that other side? Why is it he is not loved over by regular America like he is by the extreme left and the Blacks of the country?

Could it be what he stands for, his policies and political doctrine? If he were truly a man of the people, a mix of the white and the black would he not be pushing a more centrist agenda? But he doesn't, he pushes something more akin to a communist or socialist agenda. Did we elect someone who would have been our enemy 20 years ago?

Things would so much easier if he simply looked like this:

Lokai, the 'good' Bi-Racial example.

Of Course we would be racist if we liked him more because he was black on the right side! Like this!

Bele, from the Government.

(Everything important I learned from Star Trek!!)

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Buck said...

The whole Limbaugh thing just turns my stomach. I've read a lil bit on the subject and I'm just frickin' depressed. It's ALL "gotcha" and lies these days, and I'm sick-to-death of it.

JimmyT said...

Buck, its such a shame because its not Obama doing it so much as the Lefties that support him outside of his immediate circle. I think they do it to protect him and I think he thinks he doesn't need it. But, if he does not tell them to back off then it will continue.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

virgil xenophon said...

Frank Gorshin was a really great character actor, wasn't he? I heard him speak privately for the first time in an NPR interview a short time before he died when he was doing a stint on Broadway--was an impressive and seemingly genuinely nice guy...

JimmyT said...

VX, he was and what BBC show was he in that he did a really good job? I can't remember now. But, this show and Gunsmoke sure had a lot of actors and actress' in them, over the years.

BT: Jimmy T sends.