Saturday, October 31, 2009

Close to Home

In case anyone wonders why I rail against the CinC PresBO spending more time golfing than he does commanding this is it here:

PAINESVILLE – Lance Corporal David Baker was set to return home from Afghanistan in a matter of weeks, but on Tuesday (20 October) the 22-year-old Marine from Painesville was killed by an improvised explosive device while he was on foot patrol.

David was a member of the same Platoon as my own son. Assigned and trained both as mortarman of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. He was killed in the Nawa District of Helmand Province.

So, while the "Great One" dithers and does his political calculations, us Americans out here in the 'flyover country' bury the brave heroes who have paid with their lives for our continued freedom.

My Wife, the Good Mrs. T is there in Painesville to comfort another Marine Mom along with about a dozen other Marine Mom's from around the country a solemn duty, an obligation of caring and their Love for their Boy's.

Note: I couldn't go to the Viewing or today's Memorial because of the stinking flu but my heart is with David right now.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Anonymous said...

BZ to Mrs T, and to you, and all the families who have gathered to support the family of LCPL Baker.

As a long ago member of A/1/5, it is heartening to see that the brotherhood still survives.

Our prayers are with all of those who go in harm's way, and with their families.

Buck said...

My heart is with David and his family as well. My condolences.

As for you, Jimmy: Get well soonest.