Friday, October 23, 2009

Taking Their Cake and Eating it too

Earlier this week PresBO went to NYC to attend another Fundraising for the DNC (that would be #68 for PresBO versus only 6 for Bush over the same period of his first term). Nothing too interesting here except for the fact that attendee's were required to pay a whopping $30, 400.00 a pop for the seat in the room with the Almighty, the One! Oh, they could bring a date if so desired so maybe that costs is actually more like $15, 200 a plate. Yeah, even at half the price there is no meal worth that much.

Now, what I want to throw out there is the pure hypocrisy in this event and how shallow a front this portrays to anyone paying attention to the facts.

First you have the simple fact that the only people that can afford this kind of money are going to be people with money. These are people that are either rich by accident or have been handsomely rewarded for their hard work or something like that and have that kind of dough to throw away. Shall we simply call them capitalist, because word is most were Wall Street types or Bankers and Insurance Brokers or of that type. Some of these very people are executives in companies that were bailed out by the government and their asses saved by Your and My Tax dollars.

So two things jump out at me, here are all these rich and capitalistic people going to a dinner hosted by someone that hates and I mean HATES the free market and people with money. How could you possibly pay money to be subjugated to the likes of PresBO, even $1.00 would be too much for my stomach. AND, isn't that our TAX money they are giving back to them in the nature of this "donation" to be there? Is that how it works, you get bailed out by the PresBO led government and he shows up in your neighborhood and you put a ton of money in a bag and had it over to him? All sins forgiven?

Well, maybe not. The Compensation Czar is now lowering the boom on all the high pay and bonus's being paid out to the "failing class". I hope it hurts too. You pilot a company into the ground and you don't deserve one red cent. You certainly don't deserve even one penny of Tax money to say your ass or your company's ass.

You especially don't deserve Tax money just to give it to the Party in power! How is this not an out right pay off and why is not the justice department investigating this? Oh yeah, that's right, they are too busy trying to find a way to get ACORN off the hook for scamming tax money that they can't be bothered doing this job too.

Well this should serve to all those Business Executives and Captains' of Finance that contributed to PresBO's election campaign or to the DNC for that matter, you are getting your hands eaten off for your trouble. Teach you to feed all those stray dogs out there.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

It's a paradox, innit? Seriously rich people supporting left-wing causes and candidates? I don't understand that at ALL.

JimmyT said...

Buck, its like a self inflicted gunshot wound, and they instead of stopping the bleeding they put a funnel under it to bottle for the government!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.