Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cancer upon your House

Those of us who have experience working in and around the Government know the last thing you want is the Government as a business partner, except for giving you cash for services rendered or products delivered, you don't want the government any where near your business operations.

That is why some of us are so against the government providing Health Services; you simply have to look at what they have done to the Indian Health Services, or HIS to see how poorly a health provider the government is.

That is why some of us are so against the government providing us a retirement plan, the solvency of Social Security is an example and the fact that congress is doing nothing about it proof. Also, they really don't care because they have a different retirement plan anyway.

That is also why Medicare and Medicaid are failing, government planning and the attendant bureaucracy is causing the health care "crisis" that they are working now to "fix" (gird your loins and guard your wallet).

Now we have reasons why they are lousy partners when you are a car company. This WSJ story is instructive regarding how well GM is operating, needing 5 billion more dollars of federal money, seems the cash for clunkers program did not pour money into GM or even Chrysler as expected by those congressional bureaucrats.

It seems that once you take government money you now have 535 new "shareholders" all with their own agendas and each catering to different constituents, wanting their own piece of the pie. I guess having a Senator or Congressman that is on say, the Finance Committee who is coming to you about a contract for supplies from a third tier contractor is a bit much, but its happening.

Yeah, who didn't see this coming! I can't stop thinking that had we let GM and Chrysler actually go out of business, and let them get bought out or sold off and return under a new name, that they would be better off. Here they are needing even more Taxpayer money to say alive. When will be they be making the money to pay the Taxpayer back as promised? I am not holding my breath.

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