Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Armed Citizenry

"Researchers both public and private have estimated total defensive gun uses at between 800,000 and 2.5 million times per year." This from the cover story of November's copy of "America's 1st Freedom" magazine put out by the National Rifle Association.

Amazing numbers even at the low end. Yet the article goes on to say you never hear these stories because the Media is so liberal and that their agenda is that of a disarmed America that you never hear of these incidents. And they are right.

I live in a fairly gun pro state (well for one on the east coast), lots of people here legally own guns, but they all live in the suburbs or the country. The cities I would guess not so much. You see the cities, where incidentally most of the violent crime is at, write their own gun ownership rules above and beyond the state rules. The result the normal city folk that could take advantage of the self protection gun ownership provides you, have so many roadblocks to legal ownership they simply don't buy them. They don't own them and as a result they are always the victim of violent crime.

A new Blog, Civilian Gun Defense, has started to document the many incidents of the Defensive Gun Use and give light to the fact that we are safer with guns than without.

Will the left ever learn?

Also from this same issue, a story about Britain and its draconian gun laws. Well actually about the extension of their gun laws. Seems way back when the good people of the parliament over there outlawed guns. All guns except for those engaged in the Gentlemanly pursuit of sport hunting, you know grouse, quail and the like. So pretty much shotguns are all you can get over there. And those are pretty good at protecting your property and home however they are a bit large, kind of hard to slip one into your waist band and head into the City. I am sure it works but you will look funny out and about.

Anyhow, just a few years ago (2005 in fact) the British Medical Journal called for the ban on pointed kitchen knives throughout the empire, such as it is these days. Yeah, I guess when you disarm the citizenry and they take up arms with what is left well, you have to stop them. Can't have them packng some sharp iron you know, wouldn't be safe out there.

Now comes this, and you knew it had to move in this direction, the British Home Office has commissioned the development of a new "safer" glass mug from which to drink beer from. Yep, the traditional pint glass will go the way of the handgun over there, with the introduction of a new vessel that is a shatterproof plastic composite. Yeah, in the not too distance future only outlaws will drink their stout from glass!!

The nanny state writ large. When will the madness end!!

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Buck said...

OT, sorta, but if you wanna keep up with things British... my Blog-Sis Alison is a GREAT read.

I'm thinking that plastic pint glass just AIN'T gonna fly. You can mess with a lot of things in Ol Blighty, but beer ain't one of 'em.

JimmyT said...

Buck, Yes on Alison, I go to her site every day pretty much. And the article in the mag mentioned how the "feel of the taste" of beer will change and people were concerned about that.

BT: Jimmy T sends.