Monday, October 12, 2009


White People that is: by Marc Lamont Hill

Funny thing is, I agree with all of them listed especially #1; Bill Clinton! He says at the end that the list is not exhaustive and that we should add to that list. Well, here are a few of mine:

#1. Jimmy Carter – blithering idiot. Someone take his Peace Prize and stick it where the moon don't shine!

#2. Dan Rather – Lying piece of crap. Needs to be flushed out to sea but I hate doing that to all those nice sea slugs.

#3. Howard Dean – eeeeh Yaa!! Go back to Vermont and lick sticks with those two ice cream guys.

#4. Rachael Maddow – good for nothing, I wouldn't do this woman with borrowed equipment. Afraid of having to talk to her afterwards!!

#5. Keith Olbermann – can you say Blow Hard!!

#6. Chris Matthews – Old man of Blow Hard! And this guy's brother is one of my County Commissioners!

#7. Al Gore – really now, I'd pay big bucks to increase the earthly carbon footprint to cook this asshat!!

#8. Barbra Walters – people you see when you don't have a ball-gag on you!

#9. David Letterman – funny man, Bubba needs to take him up to the Ed Sullivan bed room and well, can you hear the banjo's playing!! Squeal like a Pig Dave!!

#10. Ted Kennedy – yeah I know he is dead but I just can't stand the man. Mary Jo don't like him either and that's good enough for me!

My list is not exhaustive either. I am listening to Marc on the XM Radio, he is on John Gibson's show and they are doing the same list but with black people. And guess what, he things the most overrated black person: PresBO. There is hope of us after all!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.


virgil xenophon said...

Not just funny but "possibly" true. Funny and TRUE! LOL!!!

Buck said...

Heh. Good one, Jimmy. Agreed on ALL counts!

JimmyT said...

Virgil, Buck, Thanks to both for the comments. And especially for stopping in every day!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.