Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stepping into the Mist

I think it was "Bob" a frequent commenter here that mentioned this to me, some of the things that you remember from working the Roof are those little things. I remember like Bob does, the steam or mist that comes up out of the catapult track.

Like the pictures below, stepping into the mist to do your work was always special. I especially remember working as a Final Checker and standing in the steam as the aircraft taxied over me and being completely enveloped by the steam.

And then the launch, the plane rip's down the track and for a few seconds you have to sustain the buffeting from the jet exhaust and then, there is this wash of clean air, fresh air that spills down the track laden with humidity, the feeling on your face (usually the only part exposed) was a cool sensation, no matter how hot it was. A cleansing breath as it were.

Above: The 'Air Gang' goes to work on another shot. (USN Photo)

Below: A Yellow Shirt steps into the Mist to bring another Jet into positon. (USN Photo)
Below: A Greyhound works it way through the mist and onto Cat#1. (USN Photo)

I loved being up their doing two jets in a row, taking the steam wash twice, lingering around in the bath of the mist.

Oh, to be young again.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Ed Murray said...

Memories, the smell of JP5 in the morning shower, cutting your scrambled eggs open and finding the everlasting pocket of powder that didn't mix, swishing your milk around to make sure the powder got mixed in, the tang of purple bug juice you sipped while using it to clean the brass fittings in the deck drains, and I'd be amiss not to mention the tart taste of cold Canned "Beanie Weenies" right after a good 6 hour GQ session ;-)

JimmyT said...

Ed, it all adds to the experience!! I do miss the powdred egs though - NOT!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Reese said...

Mmmm. Bug juice. Polishing the brass with bug juice (in the engine room for us). And the eggs. That powder that didn't mix? It was meant for the puddle of water on your plate that seeped away from the eggs.

Peanut butter and jelly, then. Or private stash of EZ Cheese and Ritz.

Gosh, I'll quit complaining. Think of the Ground Pounders and Jarheads. Deference and appreciation to your blue stars, Jimmy T.

Bobby R sends.

JimmyT said...

Bob, so true, so true. I always had hot sauce (tobasco or other) to put color and life into my food, especially those "eggs".

And Thanks, for my Sons!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.