Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iGov – Obama to rule the Internet Too

In a stealth operation that appears to be working, the PresBO regime wants to use the FCC to take over the Internet. In "rule making" that is ongoing now at the FCC "Net Neutrality" policy and regulations are being crafted. The purpose of which is blanketed in all the flowery rhetoric that is the hallmark of the PresBO administration.

The main idea being that they are hanging this push on is that left to the "free market" (and you know how much PresBO likes that) some internet providers may at any moment now commence the unholy process of data discrimination. Yes, like we did not have enough Political Correctness to worry about, the Regime Administration wants to monitor internet activity and if necessary hammer a provider for not being "fair".

Their argument being that a provider could hamper delivery of a competitor's content or prevent its delivery at all if is so chooses. I understand the concept, I have Comcast as my provider and I could see them chocking off content going to a Boston Bruin NHL enthusiast, or a New Jersey Devil fan seeing as how Comcast is a part owner of the Philadelphia Flyers.

I could see that happening but, do you need to take over the whole internet to play the arbiter of this activity? Does the FCC monitor over the air broadcasts of the Network News for fair and balanced content? Have they gone after say one company for pitching too much for one political side or another?

Why can't they simply pass one or two well written (read that as just a few pages) laws that target this specific activity, monitor for complaints and then HAMMER the provider that is in fact hampering content delivery. Why is it that the government has to take over the whole shooting match? It just doesn't make sense.

Now, let's go back in time a few years. A lot of people do not know this, but the Internet was invented by the DOD way back when. Originally it was called TECHNET and ran between the nations atomic laboratories, allowing them to share computer resources and pass technical information between pin headed scientists. Later it was extended to include the National Military Command Authority, and still later pretty much every base in the nation was hooked into the system.

Now, just so everyone knows, this most rudimentary of internets was invented, operated and run by the GOVERNMENT. For more than 15 years this system ran on a 300 baud rate system. Yes your eyes do not deceive you, that's 300 pits per second. The users all had to use the same basic equipment, a VT100 Unix system and we all had very rudimentary commands that you could send back and forth to whomever you were communicating with. Yes, there was email and BBS's (Bulletin Board System).

For more than 15 years this government run system was static. And I mean NO innovation, no new speed increases or fancy operating systems, it remained happily run by the government, YOUR government at 300 baud.

Only when it was turned over to the Free Market did we get speed advances, content went up and well as they say, the rest is all history.

And PresBO wants to go back to this! Why is every little hick-up in our society need a government takeover to address?

Keep your hands off my internet.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Reese said...

"Why is every little hick-up in our society need a government takeover to address."

I've internalized that it is never about fixing the hick-up. It's an excuse to increase government power and control over the people. Internalized, as in the psychological sense, as in I'm totally convinced that this is their primary purpose, not to fix the hick-up with good intentions, but that "this is an opportunity to get more power." See Emanuel, Rahm, one each (I paraphrase), "You don't want to waste a good chrisis."

"Originally it was called TECHNET and ran between the nations atomic laboratories, allowing them to share computer resources and pass technical information between pin headed scientists."

HAR! I are one, though "scientist" is too strong a word-- but I know what you mean.

Wasn't DARPANET older than TECHNET? What about the Stanford network in the '60's? Something about the first "spine." Hard to say when it started when you don't have a perfect definition of just what is/was the Internet. But that just more proves your point. It wasn't the gubmint starting something, it was jerking innovations by private people when the gubmint let it go. Your story is paralleled by phones-- Ma-Bell unleashed and look where we are now.

virgil xenophon said...

"Net Neutrality" is going to lead to a race to the lowest common denominator--pure and simple--the reincarnation of the autovon system for civilians. Great. Been there, Lived it. No more. No way. Thank God....

JimmyT said...

Bob, I agree with you on the takeover of our society by the communists we have leading the nation towards that socialist utopia, you know like what they got over there in China or what they had in the USSR!!
I believe that first “spine” ran from Livermore complex in CA to Los Alamos in NM. I know the first branches from that were in CA to other universities that were engaged in Nuke or Physics research. The first branch in NM was down to NM Tech which did a lot of explosives R&D (they still do by the way). From there who knows, but the point is that when that first spine was set up they used the same kind of gear I used when I came upon it some 15 years later in PA. All they had done was connect sites using the existing phone lines. It really took off when the government gave it up to the public domain and the free market.

VX, amen. Look at public schools today, need I say more.
BT: Jimmy T sends.

Buck said...

I'm agin "Net Neutrality" as well. That said, here's a great article on the subject. It's just chock-full of useful links, rants, and history and such.

Ed Murray said...

Here is an interesting Link concerning Net Neutrality as well as as an internal Blog: