Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny but Possibly True

Here is a picture that is only a little funny cause it could happen!!

Hat Tip to: Weaselzippers
BT: Jimmy T sends.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's not the Heisman is it? Cause if the O is taking Tim Tebows trophy, the O is in for a world of hurt!!!


Buck said...

Oh, Dang. I understand the spirit of the joke... but that's just WRONG. WAY, WAY WRONG.

JimmyT said...

Byron, I am sure that award is next!!

Buck, I know what you mean especially since there are so few Blacks in hockey to begin with!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Ron Snyder said...

I've come to detest Chris Matthews, perhaps in part because I used to like him. Maybe he changed after Tip O'Neill passed away, or after Chris became so successful -not sure.

Chris is a rabid, lying, partisan hack now. Lord help those in PA if he decides to run for the Senate. If Franken can do it, so can Chris.

JimmyT said...

Ron, that is a big worry here, there are so many dim wits in PA that will only vote on the name, that is why Arlen Specter has always been elected, the two big cities and that is where Chris would be known.

BT: Jimmy T sends.