Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Cranial-Rectal Inversion Prize

10 Days, that's what a week and a half? I know those were pretty busy days for the new PresBO but come on! You can't do anything with our government in 10 days.

Great track record they have there, lets examine:

They gave this prize to Al Gore based on a pack of lies. In England the schools there are not allowed to show his Academy Award winning documentary without first showing or discussing the many lies and misstatements that are embedded in the film.

They gave this prize to Jimmy Carter for his efforts at bringing Pease to the Middle East. Yeah, they call all that killing over there 'Pease'!

They gave this prize to Yasser Arafat, a terrorist and anti-Semite. That should have been the absolute bottom. Giving the prize to a Terrorist!!


Giving it to someone whose only accomplishment so far is to 'talk' about what he wants goes beyond the pale.

What's next the Nobel Prize for Economics to Charlie Rangel?

Give me a friggin break!!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

This travesty was the very first thing I saw when I awoke around the crack o' noon today. Hopefully Happy Hour... due to commence in about 20 minutes or so... will result in the more-than-REQUIRED "attitude readjustment."

Bag Blog said...

When I saw the announcement on MSN page, I thought it was some sort of joke. So I clicked on it and read the article - good grief.

As Lt. Nixon said, "It must have been a slow year the peace business."