Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Project: Scanning in Time

I mentioned on Saturday an on-going project here in the Swamp of scanning my old negatives and slides into digital format. That post included two pictures I took back in the 1976/1977 time frame. In my previous life I was a Photo-bug and took pictures using either a 35mm SLR camera (an Argus STL 1000) or a Box camera in 120mm format (a Yashica MAT124 Twin lens reflex camera).

I have been scanning the film negatives and the slides I have, there are a lot by the way, but the large format 120mm size film negatives are another matter. I will have to find an adapter or a scanner specific to that format.

Anyway, here are some more early results.

Albuquerque is the home for hot air ballooning and it is a spectator sport. Here are some of Pic's from the Balloon Fiesta Circa 1992/1993 time frame.

Mass assent. Back in the early 90's they would get mabye 200 to 300 balloonists, they are over 500 today.

One of the nicest balloons at the Feista, the Shooting Star. Lovely.

One of the good things about the Balloon Fiesta is the access. I got directly under this balloon immediately after it had launched. I am going to submit this to a weekly photo contest over at the Aviation News Network. I'll let you know how it does over there.
Here is one of two of My kids. That is the daughter who is now a graduate with a degree in Landscape Architecture and the young boy with that astonished look, is a Marine Corporal off in Afghanistan killing Taliban. Cute eh!!

Oh, last but not least:

Yeah, that is your humble scribe in late 1976 or so. This picture was taken from the steps of one of my beloved Hoovers. I still have broken front teeth which were left in the leading edge of an A-7. I would be sent to the Philadelphia Navy shipyard for new choppers in November of that year and I would enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner consisting mainly of a Turkey soup. Memorable.

I'll have more.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

Whenever you tell stories from your past, I picture your Marine son. For whatever reason, I just assume you look alike. Too bad that I could not enlarge this old photo of you to see if I am right.

JimmyT said...

Lou, my Wife thinks we look a like, of the two Boys he is the one that looks the most like me. Our daughter is a dead ringer for my side of the family, my Mother in particular (god bless her).

I don't understand why those last two pictures won't enlarge. I'll have to see if its formatting or something.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Buck said...

Jimmy: Sometimes it helps to delete the photo and then upload it again. Dunno why... Blogger is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, yadda, yadda.

War story: Back around 1984 or so my father had his first cancer operation. He was in LA, I was in Oklahoma City... and the operation meant a quick emergency leave dash out to LA... in October. We had a short timetable and as a result The Second Mrs. Pennington and I traded off driving chores and drove straight through on both the way out and the return trip. So... there we were, dropping down off the mountain to the west of ABQ on I-40 at about 0900 on a crystal clear day... and we witnessed a mass ascension. QUITE unexpected, that, and what a sight! We were tempted to stop, but I had to be at work the following day...

JimmyT said...

Buck, thanks for the tip. I just did that and it works now. Lou should be happy, plus everyone will be able to see my broken front teeth!!

The funny thing about the Ballooning there in ABQ that most people don't know is that there is a maddness to the way the wind blows there. I guess because the of the mountians and valley and all that, you can actually fly out of the Balloon airfield in the north of the city and fly south. Then change altitude up and you get a flow of air that brings you back north again, right back to the launch point. That is why they come there.

BT: Jimmy T sends.