Thursday, October 1, 2009

Democrat with a Spine, a Lazy Spine

A couple of weeks ago Her Royal and Most Holy Nancy Pelosi in her weekly speech to her subject's press conference complained about the rhetoric that was flying around The Realm the House. Seems she has detected such vile speech that she was almost in tears before all the people who voted for her er, ah, before the press. You see, she was witness to the same kind of hate speech which led to violence in her regional kingdom er ah, home town of San Francisco back in the 1970's. The things she was witness to back in the '70's were a democrat-on-democrat murder of a gay mayor, the defense of that murder and the resultant impact on the community by that successful defense (know today as the Twinkie Defense). And yes there were gay's rioting in the streets of San Fran, it was such a sight to see. All the gay bath houses and gay adult movie studios were emptied out onto the streets, there were torn tee shirts and the faux fur was flying. Oh the Humanity!!!

She should have been addressing her own minion's caucus. Representative Alan Grayson of Florida's 8th District (which includes Orlando and most of the Magic Kingdom) stood in the well of the House and proclaimed that the republicans wanted people who got sick to simply die, and quickly at that. He even had charts. It was a good show, lots of vile intent there, the kind of rhetoric that Princess Pelosi was complaining about.

He was bitching like a queen about the lack of a plan for health care by House Republicans. Now I have issues with this, the first is that he is in the majority party, it is that parties job to have the agenda, isn't that 'winning' was all about? Don't they ram that down the throats of Republicans whenever they do show up with ideas of their own? Secondly, let's have a look at this guy's record. He has sponsored exactly 4 bills this year. Not that congressman actually writes the bills themselves, they either get the bill from their special interest or they get staff to write it. Also, only 4 bills is a poor record, some of them guys have sponsored 40 and 50 of them, a couple even in the 60's. So this guy is a slacker in the bill writing department.

Also, he is cosponsor of 211 out of the more than 1000 bills so far introduced this year. Oh and guess what, HR3200, the big health bill that this asshat was hammering Republicans about, No. That's right; this guy is so busy taking money from Union's that he did not even bother to put his name on that monstrosity of a Health Care Reform measure, sponsored by his very dear leader, Princess Pelosi.

When Mr. Grayson was asked to apologize he dug his heels, he calls himself a "Democrat with a spine", saying he would apologize for all the dead and for the "holocaust" that was occurring here in the U.S. because of the health care crisis. Holocaust! I guess he says that because of all the dead lying around everywhere you go these days. The "Crisis" in our health care system that has so completely broken down leaving millions and millions dying, so many we can't get the Soylent Green factories to keep up. Such a shame.

And those Republicans, well they were the ones who smelled 'death panel' in this Reform and I guess Alan Grayson is upset because they were jumping the gun! I mean why do you need a plan to replace something that works for 80% of the population? Why do you need to wreck something that is mostly working and doing a pretty good job? If you want to get Health Care to those few millions that Alan Grayson see's at risk, well come up with a plan for them!

Leave the rest of us alone!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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