Thursday, December 17, 2009

Suspending Reality for the Sake of Power

The Harry "Legs" Reid and the PresBO are saying that we have to abandon the status quo and adopt the Health Care "Reform" package because things are so dire here in the U.S., health wise. PresBO claims that private insurance premiums will rise "25, 30% or more" and that employers will start to drop coverage altogether because of rising costs. He stated no study or any kind of fact to base this rise but I suspect he is using numbers that a slightly higher than the increase in those premiums that will be forced on us all by adoption of this plan. He also claims that Medicare and Medicaid will bankrupt the U.S. and "eat up the whole budget". This I don't doubt but the Harry Legs plan does not address this either so, WTF!

The story line the Dem's are pushing are all things that regular people can get behind: Deficit neutral, will not increase the debt, lowers consumers costs and saves Medicare and Medicaid. I think it also cures rainy day.

They want the public to suspend reality for a few moments while they vote and pass this monstrosity along. Their plan to lower the costs to you and me are by providing us "generous" (that was what the PresBO called them, generous" tax credits and outright subsidies. Read that like this, 'Their plan to lower the costs to you and me are by not collecting taxes from us or by giving us money out of the treasury'. Now think about that for a moment. (Jeopardy music goes here!) If you are not collecting taxes, i.e. giving someone a "tax credit" what impact to the debt and the deficit do you think that has? If you are giving people money right out of the treasury where does that come from if the Government is already spending more than they collect? That's why it is called a 'debt'. What from the money tree?

Of course this plan is going to add to the debt and the deficit. You can't give away money or not collect money and it not impact either one! Now multiply that by say 45 million people. And this is a generous number, it was the target that stared this supposed 'crisis' in the first place. I can see that being 100 million people real fast because when someone is throwing money away like this people show up to collect it and the numbers add up very fast, we are talking hundreds of Billions of dollars in giveaways here. So who do they think they are faking out anyway?

Look I am not an award winning economist, nor am I especially trained in how the government works but this is so blatantly obvious that one has to wonder: do they (Harry and PresBO) think we are that gullible or stupid and why are they so blatantly lying to us in the end. They want this reform bill only for what they are giving away to the many 'special interests' that are helping them and for the control of You and Me. That is what they want in the end, control of almost all aspects of our lives, so they can centrally plan our lives.

I thought we beat that whole communist thing you know when the Cold War ended?

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said... they (Harry and PresBO) think we are that gullible or stupid ...

Short answer: Yes. They're counting on it, too.

JimmyT said...

Buck, I think so too. And they are not even trying to hide it either, that's what really burns me.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

virgil xenophon said...

Well, Jimmy, as I mentioned at Lex's, they're counting on the fact that the avg American has the attention span of a gnat with ADD. They don't give a damn about EITHER the details OR the cost. First THEY won't be part of the plan--they've got their own--and second, they plan to be retired and on the links in Sarasota before the s**t hits the fan down the road. It's all about power and control for those that believe they have, in the words of Thomas Sowell, "The Vision of the Anointed."