Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anonymous Note – Surprising uplift!

While we were wondering about the status of SN2: 'cause you know, what are the chances that two Marines with the exact same name (first, middle and last), same age would be deployed to the same province in the AF and one would be KIA by IED, the wife and I, the good Mr's T tired to maintain normalcy. While I went to work Mr's T went to a fabric store, she is making blankets for the troops.

This note was left on her car, she has a "My Son is a Marine" bumper sticker on her back window. It's not the first time she has gotten notes left on her car (she once found $5.00 and a note asking us to buy a drink for our Son), but this was maybe the most poignant, given what we were going through.

Like all of them in the past, it was anonymous.

BT: Jimmy T sends


Buck said...

This sorta thing renews my hope for us as a nation and a society, Jimmy. Great good stuff, indeed.

JimmyT said...

It sure does Buck, it sure does!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.