Monday, December 28, 2009


That's Bend Over America Here It Comes: the wholesale random of the country by the Democrat Majority. Health Care as envisioned by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are ready to be "married" into a single bill that will transform what we enjoyed as the best health care in the world to what will be maybe the worst. Expensive too, it will be and rationing is only a few years away. I can't wait.

The Bill passed in the Senate with more giveaways since well the last big bill passed, the Stimulus or was it the Porkulus Spending Bill? Not sure which, but they all have this in common: instead of making law they are legalizing the wholesale plunder of the U.S. Treasury.

They are lying to themselves and to the U.S. Public if they think their plans for health care reform will actually work. The effort to get the 60 votes from their own caucus revealed the Democrats for what they are: whores. They all have a dollar value for their vote and some of them had that number revealed. It was remarkable to watch.

I do think had the Republicans been allowed to participate in the process of writing this Bill they too would have been looking for plunder. It's just that they for once stood their ground and kept their hands out of the cookie jar. I am sure it was hard for some, especially the RINO's from the North East.

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