Thursday, December 3, 2009

Job Summit - Fail

Here is a good quote that sums up what PresBO and his administration does not understand about America and how Job's are actually made:

"It takes a businessman trying to make another buck." From Evan Newmark of Mean Street Blog (WSJ)

Today's Job Summit hosted by the PresBO at the White House will be another failure and result in only more flowery speech and good tidings. The reason is simple enough just look at who is invited: there more representatives of Labor (Unions), Government and Non-Profits as there are legitimate businessmen. All of the Government representatives are out of academia so you know those slots are a waste since they will be to a person, anti-capitalist.

And that really is what is wrong with the Administration's approach to the economy. They don't understand or trust the Free-market or what it means to be a capitalist. Oh, they understand the taking of money side easy enough, they are not afraid to get paid and paid handsomely but they have no idea where the money actually comes from. That is why in an editorial last week by Politico (re: 7 stories Barack Obama does not want told) PresBO was accused of throwing money around like it was Monopoly Money, because he has no idea what really generates wealth in this country.

"It takes a businessman trying to make another buck."

You want my advice on how to get more jobs, just get government out of the way, quit mucking with the basics (money supply), reduce tax demands and fee's and let business work out their problems naturally (that means let them fail when they are failing). I don't understand how they think we got here in the first place; we have the highest standard of living in the world (that is why so many other peoples hate us you know) not because of the Government, but because of that businessman trying to make another buck!

Oh yeah, fire some of those academics and hire a few people out of business!

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Buck said...

Heh. As I read the first paras I was wondering if you'd seen the graphic about The One's appointments. And then Walla! There it was... But doesn't FDR's appointments surprise? Did me.

So, anyhoo. Today's "job summit" is just a laugher, and everyone knows it. Even frickin' Obama knows it.

JimmyT said...

Buck, yep its all stagecraft and image. He needs to look like he is doing something about the job loss so that no one looks at his policies and new programs that have been killing the job market. Again, he comes out of a field where he was always given a job, he did not ever have to creat one.

BT: Jimmy T sends.