Monday, December 7, 2009

ClimateGate – Part V Google joins the Conspiracy

It says a lot about the supporters of an issue when caught in a lie they work to bury the truth, thereby making what they say the truth.

The ClimateGate scandal is getting no press, no media attention outside of the Blogs-o-sphere and of course Fox News. Not a single mention from ABC, CBS or NBC. To their credit CNN has mentioned the issue however to their discredit they have taken the side with Senator Barbara Boxer, that is the "punish the messenger" defense. She has promised Senate hearings to simply find the leaker and punish them for hacking, ignoring completely the facts revealed by those very hacked data.

Also, from the good folks at Redstate, it seems Google is participating in the cover up of the truth as well. When you do a search using Google their software displays common search terms associated with the word or phrase you are entering.

An an example when you start typing the word "Global" and type in the first two letters "Gl" typed in Google's automatic fill-in suggests "Global Warming" as the 4th item in the list. When you get the three letters "Glo" Google recommends "Global Warming" as the 2nd item in its list. When you add the "b" "Global Warming" moves to the top of the list. "Global Warming Hoax" to their credit is #7 in the recommended list.

When you type in "Climategate" you get "Climate Guatemala". When you back off you find that "Climatega" gets you a list that give you "Climate Guard" (these are window treatments and such) and if you only type in the "g" you get a list that includes "Climate Guard", "Climate Groundzero" and "Climate Group".

This is a devious way to limit what you see when you do a search. When you do a search on Climategate you do get a ton of search items are returned (30,300,000 items). So the truth is there, it's just Google not wanting to make it easy for you to get to it.

Again, when you can't win the argument with the facts on hand maybe you should find a real cause to follow instead of making one up and then throwing data together to prove your case. And the MSM should be on this like salt in the ocean but nothing.

Shameful, what else are they not showing us?

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

The NYT is reporting ClimateGate, to their semi-credit. And the WaPo is all over it, too so perhaps the story is breaking out. I also think NBC/CBS/ABC "news" is increasingly irrelevant. That's a GOOD thing.

JimmyT said...

You are correct regarding NBC/CBS/ABC as so marginalized as to be irrelavant. Good. Sure would be nice if the NYT would finally go out of business, then maybe someone who really wants to publish News can start a new paper to replace it.

BT: Jimmy T sends.