Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool Stuff


This picture is from Marines in Helmand Province Afghanistan, they are members of the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion of the 2nd MEB. To complete the photo credit the picture was taken by AP Photographer Kevin Frayer.

I love the contrast with the fading sun and of course all the gun's pointing to the heavens. I really like that my Son is not one of them!

On another note, SN2 is safely in Kyrgyzstan and awaiting the charter flight back to the U.S. along with the rest of the 1/5 Marines. That should happen sometime next week. Mother, Daughter and Father are well, happy.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Mother, Daughter and Father are well, happy.

And so are your readers!

JimmyT said...

Buck, thanks. We have been given dates and times for the charter flights back to CONUS but I know how that works so I will wait until I hear from him when the charter stops for fuel up there in Bangor Maine.

BT: Jimmy T sends.