Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ditch Mitch

It's time now to do some accounting regarding the whole Senate Health Care Bill passage and most particularly the role of the Republican Leadership. That would be in the main, Mitch McConnell but also his Whip Senator Jon Kyl. Now, I blame Mitch for allowing this bill to be passed in the Senate not the Democrats only because you know as well as I do that we were going to get something out of the Democrats so it fell to Mitch as the Leader of the Minority party to do all he could to kill this bill.

If he really believed in killing the bill in the first place.

Now I say this in all seriousness simply because of several factor, chief among them is the really lackluster approach he took to lead the rest of the Republicans in fighting this legislation. I understand it was a tall order, him leading a mere 40 members of the party that needs 41 to filibuster a bill into oblivion, but I still hold him responsible. You see, I don't think he was totally into killing the bill, I think he was one of those that wanted to pile onto it, join in the dividing up of the Pork and getting for his vote some good pay back. But that was not to be, I would guess his price was simply too much even for Harry Legs Reid, no push over when it comes to handing out Other People's Money. I think Mitch was afraid of this going public and Him being revealed as yet another RINO.

I also assert that every tool available to him and the 39 other Republicans were not employed and there is even evidence that he suppressed activity that would have delayed the final vote on this bill until after the Christmas break. This was important because the time at home with angry constituents would may have helped in swinging even 1 Democrat over to voting against this bill. That's right, all Mitch had to do was get 1 stinking Dem to vote with the Minority party and this would have been over.

And he couldn't do that. Need I remind folks that while Mitch was serving as the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, a funding arm used to help elect and re-elect Republican candidates he went from 55 Republican Senators to 40. That's right, he helped lead the party into the deep crap we find them shoveling out of right now. Here is a great read on his failing on this matter.

So I say, Ditch Mitch! It's time to put him under the Bus and replace him with someone that will stand up to the Weasel that is Harry Legs Reid. Someone with a real backbone perhaps.

Ditch Mitch!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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