Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dem’s Eat their Own

They will stop at nothing to get Government Control of the Health Care system and proof is this story here from the Weekly Standard Blog: "Dem's Threaten Nelson in Pursuit of 60". That is 60 votes and the Nelson here is Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson who is opposed to the current form of Obamacare as writ by Harry "Legs" Reid. Ben Nelson is against Taxpayer monies going to pay for Abortions which the Harry "Legs" bill provides.

So, how do you get Nelson to go along, well you send Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel out with his kneecapping bat to deliver the message: Vote with the rest of the Democrats or loose Offutt Air Force Base. That's right, the Administration and their brain-dead supporters in the Democrat caucus will put Offutt on the BRAC list killing some 10,000 jobs in Nebraska. Of course, most of those jobs are military and those jobs would simply move, but the economic impact to the greater Omaha area.

That's how it goes, either you go along with the Democrat agenda or well, they will find a way to get your vote. Look what they did for Mary Landrieu of Louisiana; they bought her for $300 million dollars. Look how they brow beat Joe Lieberman, they even went after his wife to get him to come around, and he has.

On this issue the Democrats are really more than happy to eat their own. After some nibbling on Lieberman he is now in favor of and will most likely vote for the Obamacare bill, no word yet on Ben Nelson. My suspicion is that later today we will see a press release from the White House stating that there had been no threats or harassment of Ben Nelson and then later Ben himself will step before a microphone and announce he has seen the light and will now be voting for the Obamacare Bill, thereby saving his home state the thousands of jobs so dependent on Offutt.

That's how they do it, go along or we break out the bats. And for what? Control of the entire health care industry of this country, control of You and Me.

Hat Tip to Weasel Zippers.

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Buck said...

Vote with the rest of the Democrats or loose Offutt Air Force Base.

I'm taking this with a big-ass grain o' salt, if not the whole salt-shaker. While closing Offutt isn't impossible it's hard to take this sort of threat seriously in the middle of two wars. Even The One can see the disruption and turmoil relocating STRATCOM would cause. It's much more likely we're talking about decommissioning the strategic reconnaissance wing or something similar... but not the whole danged base.

JimmyT said...

Yeah, I kind of agree, but it speaks to the whole "Thug" attitude this Administration has and of course their disdain for the Military.

BT: Jimmy T sends.