Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SN2 Update – still in Nawa

We have only word from the Marine Mom network that SN2 is doing well, other Son's that have called home and report that Jon is fine.

We also found this photo of him distributed by the DOD originally back in late October. The press has been using it every time a story needs a picture of a Helicopter and a Marine. I am happy it is Jon, getting his 15 minutes of fame in small increments. The original posting of the picture stated that he was pulling security for VIP's that were at a Combat Outpost in Helmand province. There were many VIP's visiting the area under the 1/5 Marines control, seems they have done more than a good job and are used as an example of what COIN should be and its results. Article here from the LA Times. It has been peaceful enough that the Marines go shopping in the little villages without body armor. Scary yes, I know. I am hoping my boy is keeping his gear on no matter how peaceful things look on the outside.

His tour there is over soon, we have been told to expect the entire battalion back by Christmas. Last dates I saw that I can talk about show that his Company will be pulling out of Helmand and back to Camp Leatherneck this week. They will spend only a few days there when they start the transition to Manas AFB in Kyrgyzsatn marshalling for the return to the states by charter airline.

We are hoping that when he gets to Camp Leatherneck he can find a phone and check in with us in person.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Godspeed to Jon. Having him home by Christmas will be the BEST present possible.

Great pic, too!

Bag Blog said...

It is a great picture and your son is very photogenic, which has worked well for you. Home by Christmas! Yeha!

JimmyT said...

Thanks guys, he won't be allowed to come to the homestead right away but His Mother and Sister will be there with him. And yes, he does cut a handsome figure. Looks in good shape too!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.