Sunday, December 20, 2009

Digging Out

So the big storm is over. Took a perfectly good Saturday and ruined it. Not just the shopping aspects of the lost day or the impact to commercial aviation but I am talking about a perfectly good day off spent with several turns on the snow shovel. I also had to make one trip out a drive of some 20 miles going but about 90 minutes on the return. I took the wrong vehicle and had to back down on hill and turn around and attempt the return to home base by another route. Never fun sliding about on the back roads, worse still on the bigger highway with lots of people to share the course with, some overly cautious, some willing to throw the dice and drive like there was nothing different going on out there. Several of them finding their way off the road altogether. Too bad for them.

The pictures below are from today's dig out. Started around 8:30 or so, taking about an hour or so. I don't own a snow blower so all the clearing is done the old fashion way. But this was 8 inches of powder and the ground was pretty cold so there was no freezing action and it came off easy enough.

Above: Just getting the cars dug our in case of an Alert callout! The Malibu is as far up the drive as I was able to get it upon my return last evening.

Below: The work is waiting. The drifting was pretty severe but it mostly went off to the right. Thankfully for me.

Above: The fish are in "stasis", I have the air pump running and the pump for the waterfall is still going. I'll turn that off in January when we get our single digit days.

Below:Lady needs a place to take care of business so I had to clear out a place for her. The snow is almost as deep as she is tall.

Above: A look from across the street.

Below: Ready to call it a day, just a little calcium chloride and I can move the car up and call it a day.

We have had more at once but for me, this is enough fun for this year.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Aiiieee! These pics bring back SO many unpleasant memories! The one saving grace I had while living in Ra-cha-cha was the most-excellent dude I contracted with to plow my driveway. The guy would come out as often as required to keep the driveway clear... and in some of the bigger storms that meant two or three times in 24 hours. He was worth EVERY penny I paid him, too.

OTOH... you look pretty danged Christmasy, Jimmy!

JimmyT said...

Yeah, I wish there was someone 'round here that I could pay for that kind of service. I don't even have sidewalks like most my neighbors. It is such a pain to have to go out more than once to clear the mess off (three times in this storm).

Those flags and bows you see are USMC tributes not Christmas. The place would look great with a few strings of lights but I won't but them up, just not going to do it.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Ed Murray said...

I have a corner property JT..I get 2 full long sidewalks to do, but alas I have decided that a snow blower is just more economical and actually fun, makes one think of being up on the roof in the North Atlantic during Flight Ops ..ha..sweat and cold icy, snowy air blow across your bow