Friday, September 4, 2009

Tech Stuff – Camera WOW

Canon has come out with a new camera in its EOS digital SLR line, the EOS 7D. It has bells and whistles a plenty. Here are a few:

  • An 18 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • ISO range from 100 to 6400 but wait, this is expandable to 12,800 (Wow, I don't even know what to do with that, but I'd like to try)
  • A 19-point cross-type AF Spot system
  • Continuous single frame shooting at 8 fps with spot AF
  • Dual processors for fast image processing
  • A very large view screen that shows 100% of the frame with its own magnification feature

There are many others, go here for a complete look at this new bit of Tech:

I once did a lot of SLR photography, and I hope to revive that old hobby. In the day it was always a Hasselblad camera that I had longed for, but my Argus and the Yashakia did great work for me. If money was no option this new Canon might be the way to go. I can't imagine what this thing is going to cost. But, the good news, it makes all those other Canon EOS cameras cheaper!!!

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virgil xenophon said...

I am REALLY a fossil when it comes to photography. It's only been recently I went digital--still used my Cannon SLR that I bought at the China Fleet Store in Hong Kong back in 68. Got a Cannon Rebel as I'm really not THAT serious a photographer, plus a smaller Minolta pocket number. Also replaced my old trusty Yashika Super-8 years ago with a top-of line Cannon vid. camera but I mistakenly went for top end optics before Cannon switched (they were behind everyone in this trend) to the swivel flat panel view-finder so I'm stuck with the pain in the you know what very limiting barrel view-finder even tho everything else is top-rate.

(BTW--go back & check your post about your home and Penn., left a short post you might find informative from historical stand-point)

Buck said...

I'm a Canon kinda guy... owning a Rebel XT (and a couple of Canon lenses for it) and a Powershot G5. This 7D will be out of my price range... fer sure... but that doesn't mean I can't/won't/don't lust after it. Ya gotta have dreams, yanno?

alison said...