Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taxes – We don’t need no Stinkin’ Taxes

Everyone has pretty much heard that the Treasury Secretary dodged paying taxes for many years and only came clean when he was nominated to this current job. He blamed most of his problems on Turbo Tax, the software program by Intuit. I use the same program every year, the Home and Business version. For many years I worked as an Independent Consultant which means I was a 1 man business. Turbo Tax is a great program and has served me well. It says a lot to me when the man that is supposed to be the smartest financial wiz in the country, I mean who else would you want to run the Treasury Department with all that is going on with banks and money supply, toxic assets, you name it, but it says a lot to me when he blames Turbo Tax. Either he is a moron or he has no spine.

I too have had some Tax problems. Earlier this year the IRS tried to hammer me for $40,000 dollars of additional taxes, fee's, penalty and interest. Yeah, they pile it on when they get you in their cross hairs. Back in 2007 I had an especially busy year with a contract I had to The Boeing Company (we did some work on the S-3 Viking that NASA fly's as a research aircraft) and I did something creative in the governments favor hoping to get out of a bunch of paper work. Well, they have this thing about that, seems they are not environmentally sensitive and there are plenty of trees to turn to pulp for the IRS. So, I amended my taxes the long way and low and behold, they owe ME another $1800 bucks. So I sent the new tax package in (63 pages) and I have not heard from them yet. Nor are my accounts frozen which is your first clue you are on the IRS Crap list. Have to wait and see, I was half tempted to put in for interest on the loan to the US of A, but I let them off.

Then we have the good Congressman Charlie Rangel. You know, Chairman of the House Way's and Mean's committee and member of the House Budget committee. This is the very committee that actually writes the Tax Code that the Treasury Secretary can't figure out how to follow. Seems he has been under reporting too, but no mere 40K, we are talking something like in the million dollar range (when you Google Charlie Rangle + scandel you get 96,000 hits). And those aren't his only problems; he is accused of killing a bill for a huge donation to a "school" that will carry his name, he has property that he failed to claim, checking accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars in them that he simply forgot about. Oh, worse yet he has a Mercedes Benz parked in the For Congress ONLY parking garage in downtown DC that has not moved in the mandatory every 45 days and oh, it's not even licensed (registration expired). Yeah, our great leaders.

Good think Princess Pelosi is on the Job, she has the House Ethics committee on this one like stink on skunk. Oh, but it turns out Charlie is smarter than your average Congress Critter, seems he helped out a few fellow congressmen when they needed campaign money for their last election. He made donations to three of the sitting members of the House Ethics committee, to help them in their re-election bid's last year. No conflict here, keep moving nothing to see!!

When I sent my tax package in I was only hoping for a fair and honest review but I am thinking I should have put on there that I was a democrat. Maybe they would have written me the $1800 check no questions asked!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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