Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Declawing the Eagle

The political left is famous for wanting to pound the spears and swords of this great country into plowshares through the policy of disarmament and appeasement. Prior to WWII there was a huge movement that prevented our government from direct action in Europe in hopes that the National Socialist Government in Germany (led by Hitler) would keep its hands off eastern Europe including Poland. Joseph Kennedy Sr., the patriarch of the Kennedy family who was ambassador to Great Brittan (the United Kingdom), supported Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement with Germany. This support was so great that Joseph Kennedy Sr. was eventually recalled back home where he resigned his appointment.

This philosophy is alive and well in today's Democrat party and especially in the poisoned fringe left.

Today PresBO will be chairing a UN Security Council meeting and my guess is that he will be opening the US barn door and giving all the global thugs the run of the place.

First, in his zest to make the US liked by 'new' Europe he has initiated a new policy banning so called 'harsh interrogation' techniques on the basis that they were a form of torture. He is also embarked on closing down the safest place to keep captured terrorists, that being the holding facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba or GITMO. Again, he and the left feel this facility is a smear on the U.S. and we have to close it to make us 'liked' by the hemorrhoids around the world.

PresBO has also moved to further de-claw the US by terminating the Eastern European missile program that was designed to provide us with an early warning of a Russian launch against the eastern block countries of Europe who only too recently were forced members of the USSR, or even against the mainland US. Even though this defensive program was advertised as necessary to curtail an attack by the Islamic Republic of Iran, everyone except "all the president's men and Hillary too" knew this was just a cover story; the real threat there was Russia. Thereby pissing off the 'old' Europe which in the hearts and minds of the left, do not count.

There is now talk that our massive stockpile of nuclear weapons will be trimmed down substantially and who could argue with that. Well, except why would you give something like this up for nothing? Good will? Why would you not wheel and deal and get something with them? Well, I don't know but neither does PresBO.

I see us heading down the same kind of road we were on the 1938 except we have no one arguing to build up our defense industry. No one calling for preparing the country for war, and it is just around the corner.

Look at where we are with so many unsavory countries who have trying to master Nuke tech: Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Syria. Would you trust any of these countries with something like a Nuke? I wouldn't, no way.

But, not the PresBO. He truly thinks he can sweet talk them out of these ambitions, and to make it really competitive for himself, he will do it from a position of weakness. Weakness that he has directed.

You and I and all our children are the wager. PresBO is the one rolling the dice.

God save us all, or most of us.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Ah... and you could have kept on going in this space, as well... cutting the Airborne Laser program back to "research only," terminating the Reliable Replacement Warhead program (our nukes are OLD), the F-22... the list goes on and on. As you said, Jimmy: God Save Us.

JimmyT said...

Buck, shame ain't it. We can see if disolving right in front of us.

BT: Jimmy T sends.