Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joint Session – Hippoboscidae’s Swarms

The bloviateor in chief just finished his long winded address to congress regarding Nancy Pelosi's his Health Care Reform package. His message was clear, crisis situation, economic failure eminent, the poor, poor people without any health care at all. All that was missing was the dead body of Ted Kennedy up there in the box next to his wife. You know, hammer home universal health care for all people including those trapped in the back of cars sunk in a pond.

No mention of Tort Reform, no mention of real Insurance competition by allowing interstate competition, no mention of transportability and no mention of policy ownership. He spoke of paying for all of it with "savings" in fixing problems in Medicaid and Medicare and with the fees paid by all those new users that his great plan will draw.

His crisis is not so bad that people are dying in the streets; no one gets turned away from the Emergency Room when they go and no one questions their citizenship status while there. Yes a good insurance plan is expensive and yes insurance companies do ration however there is recourse. Not so with Uncle Sam, ever deal with the IRS?

If the savings he claims are there, why are they not now going after them saving those dollars for something else worthwhile, like bonus's for congressional staffers. How is it they see this wasteful spending while they are trying to sell a new expensive program?

And the best, how is it that Congress itself is exempt from this program? Why do we have to get this shoved down our collective throats yet the Senators and Congress-critters themselves keep the plans they are on now. Fair. I think not.

They are in this for themselves and the public be dammed. They swarm around this like hippoboscidae's on the dead.



(Note:  the hippoboscidae are the family of parasitic bloodsucking wingless flies that absorb the remains of the dead.)

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

People choose not to have health care - probably 'cause they know people like me are already paying for them through high health insurace costs and high medical costs - why would they want that changed? It just seems that the government is dead set on taking our choices away from us.

JimmyT said...

Lou, well said. There are too many people that are comfortable letting "Big Nanny State" take care of them for whatever reason, be it they are too dumb, too young and or do not remember how things were over in the USSR under communism. Some 48% of the population don't even pay taxes so they won't feel anything, for them this is all a win-win. The war on hard work and success if entering the final stage, the complete takeover by the sick, lame and lazy.

BT: Jimmy T sends.