Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Politics as Usual – VA Death Panel

I had in my previous work experience spent a lot of time working for the Government, the US Navy in particular. I know how things work in the 'group' think that is fostered in any government enterprise. While I used to develop software that would shoot missiles and navigate an airplane around in the sky the process was the same, meeting, meetings, meetings. That whole idea of making sausage is right on, you sure don't want to see them making it, but you like the end product.

This was applied to the documentation that was developed as well, be it Training Manuals used to indoctrinate the Pilot and Aircrew or the wiring diagrams for the maintenance crew. Every document was thrashed with pet peeve's from every angle, every stake holder Competency (yeah that's what they called them) had an interest to make sure their agenda was conveyed. It was sometimes hard to keep track of why one word was acceptable in a document but not in another. To me it was just a word, but to others it was well, sausage.

When the whole "Death Panel" kerfuffle started there was a lot of talk about it being hyperbolae however, I felt it was the ole camel under the tent or foot in the door and knowing how Government works the last thing you want is a "place holder". That is exactly how you get a Death Panel, you just don't call it that.

So, when the Veterans Administration pamphlet "Your Life, Your Choices" was discovered I was not surprised. This is a good start; all the Health Czar has to do is copy it and distribute at large. Maybe with our Tax Package?

Keeping in mind about my long background of working with the Government I came upon the link below. It is done satirically, tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I am sure there were many hours spent by well meaning Government types coming up with an appropriate name for the pamphlet. Go there and enjoy.

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