Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marine Sighting

I’m not talking about those huge mammals of the deep sea, I am talking the Lean, Green, Fighting ones!!
Watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN last night we caught a glimpse of SN2, he was hauling some hesco netting around with a couple of other Marines in Patrol Base Jaker where Anderson is reporting all week long. Anderson was reporting on the general conditions there and going over with different Marines about life on the great basil plane of Helmand Province. It was brief glimpse and we thought that would be it however, Anderson was suddenly interviewing the SN2 asking how things were in Jaker. Ah, he looked good. A little dark, I guess the Indian/Hispanic lineage from my family or the Italian from his Mother is kicking in and his hair was a mess. He had shaved it off back in April but it was in full porcupine mode, sticking straight out. And he sounded good too, you can tell from the voice a lot and he was in good sprits.

There was more in the interview however they cut it off to go to cover the President’s speech. Dam, just one more reason to hate that guy. Every time his polling numbers tank he rolls out the teleprompter and hits the air waves.

So, we wait to get the video when it is posted on the CNN website. But it was very nice to see him Live and in one piece.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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