Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rise of the Phoenix - Eclipse Is Back

A short Story is here on this:

"We're open," Holland told Albuquerque television station KOAT. "We closed on the transaction as of today (Tuesday) and we're ready to get started as Eclipse Aerospace."

I am a big fan of the concept that the Eclipse E500 represents. Very small, light Jets (VLJ's) operating from outlaying fields NOT the big international airports can bring some pressure on the Major airlines if they, VLJ's are both successful AND inexpensive.

I live close to two small airfields that would easily handle the E500 but I am about a 1-hour drive to Philly International. I'd love to ride in an E500 to where ever, and that was the promise of Eclipse Aviation, air travel in a private jet for the same price as a First Class ticket on a Major. Their biggest customer was an Air Taxi service that wanted to buy thousands of these aircraft (they had orders for 1500 of them). To foster just such activity Eclipse had opened and operated two Service centers, one in Gainesville, Florida and the other in Albany, New York.

The debacle that became Eclipse Aviation was a shame on many fronts, I think the visionary that came with the spark for this idea (Vern Raburn) needed more business background or at the least he should have hired some. I hope the new owners will now crawl-walk-run first before they fly.

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