Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

Remote Blogging has its joy's, there is some pain as well. I had to delete a nice long post of my days in the Boy Scouts. I'll work on it and try it again later.

But, after hauling two car loads of gear up a long flight of steps we have the Daughter equipped and provisioned for her year long stay in Marlinton, West Wirgina. And what a nice town it is here.

Nested into a bowl between the tops of two mountian ranges this charming little town has most everything you need within walking distance. Hardare store for fixen things, furniture store that Paul Bunyoun himself would be proud of, Food stores, post office and even a local branch of Government Motors. If you can't walk to it you can ride a bike and there there in a few more minutes. Larger Big Box stores are a mere hour drive away.

The locals are very friendly and easy to talk with, the second time you see them they greet you like an old friend.

The air is clean and crisp in the morning the daytime high will not cook you like it will at home. The humidity, blessedly low.

All n-all a lovely place.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

Sounds dreamy!

Buck said...

It sure looks and sounds like a good place to be!