Thursday, September 10, 2009

Civility in Congress – Do Pigs Fly?

It is May 22, 1856, Preston Brooks, a Democrat member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina walked into the well of the US Senate and approached a seated Senator Charles Sumner (R) of Massachusetts (he was at his desk). After some southerly blather Representative Brooks proceeded to beat the daylights out of Senator Sumner. Using a heavy cane Brooks beat Sumner until the cane broke into such small pieces as to be unusable as a club. This was done at the height of the Slavery debate which consumed the Congress prior to the Civil War.

Sumner was administered stitches to close the wounds on his head and Preston Brooks was expelled from the House and later prosecuted in criminal courts. This was back when the House actually had some balls and held members responsible for their actions and for bringing discredit and ill repute to the House.

Not so these days look at Charles Rangel and all his financial ‘irregularities’ or Barney Frank with a boy friend running a whore house out of one of Barney’s homes, with his full knowledge. Nancy Pelosi’s broom while able to fly her back and forth to her home district in CA, apparently has enough holes in it that it can’t sweep the House clean of even the most disrespectful conduct.

And they wonder why we mock them.

All this is preface to the kerfuffle over Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst during the Health Care speech that PresBO gave us Wednesday night. Shouting: “You Lie” when PresBO claimed in his speech that non-US citizens will not benefit from Princess Nancy, his health care reform package.

But first, before all the Dem’s go off saying how respectful the hallowed the halls of congress are let us refresh our collective recollection: The Dem’s disrupted the State of the Union speech given by Bush #43, and here is a video of that part of the speech (I’ll spare you watching the whole thing)

So, where is all this civility by democrats? Why is it a bad thing when a Republican does it? What really frosts my shorts is that Joe Wilson said this in response to something that PresBO was saying was truly a lie. Joe Wilson was telling the truth and he gets gored? What’s up with that? PresBO gests a pass and Joe Wilson is painted a racist just because he is white and from the south.

Now Princess Pelosi wants to censure Joe Wilson by “gaveling him ‘Out of Order’”. Can you believe this; she won’t gavel her chum Charlie Rangel “out of money” or even remove him from his chairmanship of the Ways and Means committee (or at least not until he is done modifying the Tax Code to make all his money hiding legal). Nor will she pull John Murtha (D) from his chairmanship of the House Appropriations committee despite the stink all around him from the PMA Group investigations. His fellow Dem’s Pete Visclosky and Jim Moran are also implicated and they serve as well, all with Princess Pelosi’s blessings.

I could go on; this is one of the most corrupt sessions of congress in our history.

I say Joe Wilson should be celebrated for his exposing the PresBO for what he is, a liar. Until the Congress modifies HR3200 to mandate the verification of citizenship then what Joe Wilson did was a public service.

Bully for him!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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