Friday, September 11, 2009

Set them free – If they come back…

Most everyone knows the words to that ole parable. It does not apply to your children however the premise is nearly the same.

You set them Free and hope for them the best or at the least what they had under your careful wing and tutelage. So it goes for my Wife and I as we embark on the process of letting go of our Daughter. She graduated from college back in May and has kind of slacked off the summer but has now found work. It is 7 hours away in the back woods of West Virginia.

Culture shock aside, as I will return to that, we are hauling most of her worldly belongings to her new abode. There will be no more fights about the meals in our home as the Daughter was a VegO as I called her, nor will there be the sharp contest in discussion between Liberal and Conservative that her and I engaged. The Princess Pomeranian Lady, will also be traumatized by her absence as they are the best of friends, companions around the house and on the road. The Lady having only recently learned to ride a bike, albeit it in a basket, they were inseparable.

The wife will also be a mess, yet another empty room in the house, another child to worry about in ways that only a Mother can claim to worry. Her parting gift is a Dr. Seuss figurine and keepsake; I gave her a good and sharp pocket knife. Go Figure.

Her job is one of those Americorps jobs (yeah, I know I watch Glenn Beck too) and my hopes are that they use her for her formal training. It sounded like that was part of her assignment but we will have to see. Application in practice is often different than that which was planned.

She has gone ahead of us and we are hauling her stuff down today. Another day in the car with Mrs. T. Plenty of woods for dumping bodies however, in case the need arise.

This is Ms. Panda and Cub, strapped in for the 7-hour drive to her new dig's in West Virgina.

In the hills of eastern West Virginia where the Daughter will now ply her trade they are still waiting for more than one cell phone provider. We are not sure about cable and she has had to change to a tethered cell phone for internet. The little B&B the Mrs. T and I will stay in (the nearest hotel/motel is 41 miles away) while we are there is hosting a 'Road Kill' cook-off in a couple of weeks, we may return for that show. I will insist on bringing the Princess Pomeranian as her and I have similar tastes in food.

I will blog as I can. Keep safe.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

Leave her alone
And she will come home
Wagging her tail behind her.

Give Mrs. T a hug from me - she will need lots of love in the upcoming.

Buck said...

Letting go is hard. Don't ask me how I know.

But: good luck to everyone, Jimmy. All the best.

JimmyT said...

Lou, that is my approach to the children, well except for the Marine. But I take the approach to be there when they need and keep the combo to the garage door the same so the can just walk righ back in. And, yeah the good Mrs. T will need some hand holding.

Buck, Thanks for your thoughts.

BT: Jimmy T sends.