Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Traveling Blues

Sorry one and all for the lack of updates. My Day Job required Me to be reassigned from the one project I was doing supporting the UAE Air Force to helping a project that is developing equipmnet for Norway. That project is slightly underwater engineering wise and a crusial milestone is looming and without immediate help from a "hard charger" the Company would be under the gun for not only a working design but Penalties built into their contract.

So, with that I was moved and tossed into the mess. I now sit, as I type in a hotel room in the village of Brno of the Czech Republic. A quaint little place of old buildings, stone walkways, narrow roads with snow piled up every where a car is not parked. It took an all night flight and two commuter flights to get here passing through Frankfort on the way. I was unable to sleep on any of the three flights which is unusual for me, only the last one being one I would not have dared drifting off as the plane was small nor did we get very high into the air for the flight, Prague being close enough to drive to Brno but everyone I am traveling with insists this was the best connection. Well enough I guess when you can walk away intact, bonus if all your bags are with you.

My weekend last was spent repairing what would be called an "engineering casuality" in the comfy confines in the Swamp. A minor flood of water on one of the coldest days we have had here required my attention. I had to remove a section of pipe which had become clogged causing the washing machine to spew water in the basement. Once the pipe was flushed, re-installed and its angle of drain adjusted to give the exiting debirs more gravity assist we were able to continue with Laundry Opertations. Some of that necessary for the cloths I needed to take with me on this week long trip.

I will try and post pictures if for no other reason than to use up bandwith!! Right now, sleep is necessary for to be bright eyed and wide awake for what I know will be some Ass-burning meetings I must suffer through.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Bid'niz travel generally sucks, no matter where or when. Hang in there, Jimmy.

I know you're not much of a beer drinker, but the Czechs have some of the BEST. If you do decide to have one, have it for me! ;-)

JimmyT said...

Buck, yeah traveling pretty much blows. I was hand searched twice and my laptop back was screened for those radioactive nitrates. Add in all the lost time, saying away and disruption of the diet business and it is great big ole pain in the South Side.

I will have a brew or two, I am off my Meds because of the flying so I can drink without guilt!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.