Friday, February 26, 2010

Summit Summary

I heard parts of the Great Obamacare Rescue Debate on my XM radio. My take is that PresBO and his Democrat Cronies in both the House and Senate are really grasping at straws with this charade of a debate. Some of my thoughts on what was said and by who:

PresBO, he literally became the Blackmailer in Chief (and not because he is HALF Black) but because in his closing he basically told the Republicans that if they did not get on board well then, the Democrat Leadership will go and Pass the Bill any way they could. Using the Reconciliation Club on the Republicans like they were baby seals, it's a good thing most Republicans have hard heads. He really is a bully and his time in Chicago politics really shows.

Harry Reid's comment about "No one was talking about Reconciliation", WOW. And he said that with a straight face too, bald face lying on National TV (ok, it was on CSPAN which is at least on cable).

Joe Biden (sorry I can't bring myself to call him Vice President) and him saying that he hasn't a clue what the American Public is thinking. This is so funny because he must not have bothered to look out his window on September 12th when around 1 million Americans were hanging out around his house bitching about what He and PresBO and all the democrat cronies are doing. I won't give him the benefit of watching TV because it's probably tuned to NBC anyway and they missed completely so far the entire Tea Party movement and the September the 12th protest.

The best performance by a Republican was Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) who decomposed the Obamacare using the CBO to do it, really great work.

I do think the biggest hit here does go to PresBO because he gave up the high ground here. He should have acted as a moderator or arbiter between the two parties, but instead he joined the Democrat side thereby diminishing his standing as President. David Bellavia has a great analysis of the summit but mostly about this idea of PresBO selling out the Office of President to pull this off. Go HERE for that story.

The message here is simply, By Any Means Necessary. The PresBO has basically sold his soul and his Presidency for this monstrosity that we can truly call Obamacare. He has bought it hook line and sinker and he wants us, You and Me to swallow.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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