Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Flight Over

So I am jetting across the north Atlantic pretty far out over water by the way for a two engine aircraft (but that's OK, the FAA has deemed this safe) and I can't sleep. The flight departed in the late afternoon and will arrive in Frankfurt at midnight "my time" but it is actually after 6:00 am real time. So, I lose a night's sleep unless I can curl up and catch some shut eye. Normally I can sleep anywhere. And I do mean anywhere. But for some odd reason this night I am struggling. I try the in seat entertainment system looking for something sufficiently interesting to waste the time or boring enough to put me out. No such luck. But I did find a music channel that had Three Dog Nights greatest hits Live. I can't believe they had enough hits to make a greatest hits release. But oh well, I tuned in. I listened to them while I read my book.

About 8 or 9 "hits" into the track a familiar tune started up. It was not only familiar but it was one that provoked lots of memories. One of them tunes that you take note of whenever you hear it playing. I stopped reading and listened, the "Way Back" machine in my mind winding back time and place.

We were parked along one of the many canals that criss-crossed the area, the western most in fact, the furthest one out, for the privacy. We steamed up the windows pretty good on the Plymouth we were in. It was one of the Police Interceptor Fury's, bought at auction by her father but it had all the markings removed, except for that big spot light on the driver's side.

While taking a break and getting some air, this tune played on the radio, we chatted about how often it was on the radio when we were alone. I can still remember her voice, the shape of her lips and the curve of her eyebrows, the high cheek bones and the soft feel of her hand. I studied them there in that Fury, wondering as one does, where this was all heading. Hoping for the best taking advantage of what we did have.

It did not last of course, she would inform me later that she just wanted "to be friends" and you know what that means. She would leave the high school in at mid-year forever dashing any hopes I had of starting over with her. I can remember driving by the lot where she used to live, looking for that Fury. It was all gone, the lot was empty and so was my heart.

I would learn later that she and her entire family had moved to Oklahoma.

Sleep did come to me but it was short lived, while the memories triggered by that song danced in my mind he lights went on in the cabin and the crew announced we were approaching Frankfurt and that we should prepare for landing. Just my luck, but it was nice while the tune played I was brought back to a different time, a different place.

Oh the Song:

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Bag Blog said...

Funny how a song can evoke such memories. Great story!

Buck said...

Yeah... music can be both blessing and curse. Some memories are to be cherished, others can't be forgotten no matter HOW hard you try. (sigh) It's all part o' life, ain't it?

Great story, Jimmy. Be good over there.