Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Blower - Need to Get Me One

Yeah, just as soon as the season ends and they go on sale.

I did not post this yesterday simply because my arms and hands were still 'used up' from all the shoveling on Wednesday. I went out three times to clear off the driveway and front walk. Even with the help of the Good Mrs. T we had a time of it. On top of the accumulation from last weekend, which I was so fortunate to miss, this new snow has caused a fairly high banks on either side of the driveway, nearly too high to shovel over. WE need some thawing!

Now for some pictures.

Below, the driveway. This is after the first shoveling of the day. I would go out two more time moving 8 to 10 inches each time. In the final shoveling at 9:00pm I was having a hard time throwing the snow over the side banks.
Above - you can see the accumlication around the back yard. It is safe to say that it would be hard to get around back there without a dog sled team.

Above, our deck and the viga's that cover it are covered. You can see the dept of the snow on the lee side of our shed. Some of this was from last Saturday.

My Fish are down in that hole. As you can see only this small hole is open, the rest of the pond is frozen. I have an air pump in there that keeps this hole open and the fish alive. Well, as far as I know they are alive. Have to wait for the spring thaw to see if any of them survived.

Lady gets her "business" area cleared out. She likes to supervise operations that affect her the most!

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Ooooh... I needed that. Just to remind me why I live where I live, despite all that freakin' white stuff we got this year.

My sympathies.

JimmyT said...

Thanks Buck, we really don't get as much as one would think around here, not what I was expecting when I moved here. But, every now and then we get these deep snows nearly back to back and then I go around wondering why we don't live in another locale!

BT: Jimmy T sends.