Friday, February 26, 2010

Props To Them Canadian Laides

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

I do have to do this even though it hurts.

One of the finest Ice Hockey games ever was held last night, the US versus the Canadian Ladies played for the Gold medal at the Olympics. It was a wonderful and entertaining game, both squads of Ladies showed the world that Ladies playing Ice Hockey does not mean slow or boring or Not physical. It was a Great Game.

The only problem with it was of course the score, Canada 2, USA 0. Not that the US Ladies did not play well, they were magnificent. It was great to watch them but they did come up short. They never connected on the Power Play despite having many opportunities (and twice they had long 5 on 3 power plays).

I wish them all the best as they move on, I hope to see them again it really is too bad that there is not a woman's League that one could watch on TV.

My hats off to the Canadian Ladies, they did a phenomenal job and they deserve the Gold.

I just hope the Canadian Men were not watching!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.

3 comments: said...

Canada may have won the gold medal in women's ice hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympics, but the way in which they celebrated this achievement is definitely not worthy of gold.

Buck said...

I just hope the Canadian Men were not watching!!

Ah, but they were. I read a column about them just staring stoically at the ice during the victory celebration, no emotion visible other than a look described as "determination. Sunday is gonna be GOOD!

Oh, and MathGeek... I know you're just a hit-and-run troll who won't be back, but: put a sock in it, you humorless dipshit.

JimmyT said...

MathGeek, I really don't care how they celebrated, it was a Hockey contest and they proved they were the best at that instant in time, now had it been a Beer Chugging contest then maybe we should be examining how none of them were holding their little pinky fingers up while they guzzled the champagne and beer.

Buck, I was afraid of that - the re-run will be fun to watch. I am guessing it is going to be shown on MSNBC or the USA channel since the big network will be showing the closing ceremony live. Turns out NBC is not such a good broadcast partner with the NHL after all. I hope they split after this contract is over.

Of course if the purchase by COMCAST goes through that will change things a whole bunch.

BT: Jimmy T sends.