Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOTU – Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

For the record, I did not bother to watch the SOTU speech, I have no stomach to be lied to in real time.

How many did he spew out either directly or by innuendo? Too many for me to count. The worst may be the one that is the most obvious and it includes the least Presidential that would be his call out of the Supreme Court for doing their protecting the 1st Amendment. When he stated that "foreign entities" would now be able to influence the outcome of a U.S. Election because of the Supremes recent reversal of part of the McCain/Feingold Act is utter Bull. That decision in no way affects the existing public law prohibiting foreign corporations from contributing directly to our election process. He is either an outright liar about this or he is going to use this to obfuscate the subject of campaign finance reform later and he needs to lay down some foundation. I think he is setting up to do a "Bush Lied" campaign which was so successful.

He also was very disingenuous regarding the Don't Ask Don't Tell (or DADT) policy with the military. Now, I don't know why the Democrats so hate the military that they want to do something to them that virtually no one says will help. I mean, leave them alone already. Good grief they got a lot on their plate right now without having to go around defending DADT or once it's shoved down their throats going around accommodating Gays. And the real LIE here is that he could end the debate with a simple Executive Order like Clinton did when he brought in DADT back when he tried to Homofy the military back in '92. Besides that, if you are Gay and you want to serve you can, no one is turned down unless you are OPEN about your gayness, thus the "Don't Tell" part of policy. I know that right now it can be used to smear a perfectly good service member but if you know the rules ahead of time you get no quarter here.

There are plenty of other examples: his complaints about the atmosphere in Washington like it wasn't partially his fault, how the Republicans getting in the way of his agenda, give me a break here, I mean he has MAJORITIES in both houses for cripes sake, it's his own party that is the problem with getting his agenda passed.

The point is the Man is a Liar. There is more here, fact checking being a cottage industries these days. Nice to see it happening to him for a change. Whenever he says "Let me be clear" I brace for fabrication because he means just the opposite.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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Buck said...

ALL politicians lie, that bit doesn't upset me nearly as much as The One's arrogance. His "I didn't explain the healthcare plan adequately" insults everyone within earshot, among MANY other things.