Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who are You Sleeping With?

I got the below chart from Carpe Diem (I love that place) who got it from Art Little. I modified it a tad adding the little circles. As you can see the Democrats are squarely in the pocket of the Union's. No wonder they got that sweetheart deal in the Health Care "Reform" package, they bought and paid for it.

Does anyone wonder who the Party of Special Interests are? My god, this is so obvious its not even funny. And these are donors from before the big Supreme Court decision last week putting the McCain-Feingold act into the ditch.

You can see more over at OpenSecrets.org where they have these great pull down's for you to look over, well worth the visit.

I don't contribute to any party, person or organization. I really think money has spoiled politics as shown by this graph. I heard some years ago that a Senator has to take in $20,000.00 per day, every day from the day of his swearing in until his next election in order to compete for that seat. That kind of money does not come from plain Jane and Jim doe's out here in the public. It comes from:

It should surprise no one Harry Reid's herculean efforts to pass Health Care "Reform" when you see who paid him off. National shame is what this is and there are no easy fixes. Term Limits come to mind but there is no way this current crop of AssHats will buy off on terminating their own importance, and don't even bring up Federal Funding of elections. NO Way.

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Buck said...

I'm glad you gave us the link to Carpe Diem... I really wanted to scope out the graphics.

JimmyT said...

Buck, he always putting up graphs for all sorts of economic stuff. I like the place and he always credits his source so you can always back check or like this one, go to the site and play around yourself. I did and learned a lot about the money my Congresswoman is getting. Not good!

BT: Jimmy T sends.