Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well everyone is finally home here in the Swamp in southeast PA. SN2 flew in on New Year's Day arriving at 0600 hours on one of them Red Eye's direct from San Diego. Your humble scribe and the Good Mrs. T awakened at Oh-Dark-Thirty for the long slow drive to the airport. The usual 45 to 60 minutes would not do as we had an Ice Storm earlier in the night so we were on the road way early just to make sure we were there for the arrival flight. Driving in the dark on ice = White knuckle driving. Good thing it was only 55 miles.

We were on time and happy to see the young Marine home at last.

His Mother and Sister had the privilege of greeting him upon his arrival in San Diego, below the pictures from that reunion. It was short sleeved weather there at Camp Pendleton whilst we were digging out of our first big storm here in the Swamp.

Here the two of us immediately after the Big Hug. The Photographer's Mate assigned to this event did a horrible job of capturing the moment. Ah well.

We spent the day resting and relaxing. We did catch the big game: The NHL Winter Classic. Too bad for us Flyers fan's but it was a good show just the same.

BT: Jimmy T sends.


Buck said...

Homecomings are GOOD. There just ain't much in life that's better or even close, actually.

My best to all of you, Jimmy... and give your Marine a big "thank you" from me.

Bag Blog said...

You have a handsome family, Jimmy. Like Buck, give him a big thanks from me, too.

virgil xenophon said...

Like Buck says, things just don't get much better than that, do they? Tell your son he has the thanks and admiration of a lot of people besides his Dad and family. And Happy New Year to you and your entire family Jimmy! A great way for it to start for you, right? :) Keep the faith. We need it in the Age of Obama...

JimmyT said...

Thank ALL of You out there for the Well Wishes. They are very much appreciated.

BT: Jimmy T sends.