Friday, January 8, 2010

Rationing Health Care – On the US Horizon

Found at: Carpe Diem

It seems to me that we are going to get this set of "Reforms" of our Health Care shoved down our throats by Nancy, Harry and PresBO over the public's substantial objections. The new program will in a few short years start (it is back end loaded, taking in revenue for three or four years before any benefits are paid out) and then the real ugly gooey stuff will hit the fan. With doctor shortages and the closing of private hospitals looming, we will all be in the queue together for Health Care services.

Rationing is not that far behind and then our life in hell will start. Below is a picture of a Ration Card being used today in that wonderful communist paradise of Cuba. It is the ration card for the family of Yoani Sanchez, a blogger living in Cuba. Her short description of how this card works and her emotions upon receiving it is heart breaking. But it speaks directly to what the Democrats are steering the United States into with their point of view and absolute hatred of the free trade system and capitalism. Their blind belief in the Government despite all the evidence to the contrary that it can deliver on the promises being made is simply amazing. You and I will pay for it in more ways than just a hit to our pocketbook, we will pay for it by standing before a bureaucrat to justify your desire for Milk even though you do not have a child under 7 years old in your household. Because you like to drink milk and the Government Planning Commission/Board did not factor that in before they slaughtered most of the Dairy cows in your community.

Hope and Change you can believe in.

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