Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who You Calling Black!

Today the PresBO went after Tax Cheats! Yeah, I am not kidding you he is coming down hard on those that don't pay their taxes. What a rip!

According to the NYT PresBO used his "Executive Authority to direct the heads of federal agencies to bar "deadbeat companies" from doing business with the government." The "new" policy means that the GAO will not allow companies that are on the IRS "Watch" List to continue to be awarded contracts with the Government.

This was just PresBO's way of throwing some stink into the air of the failure to keep Ted Kennedy's seat in Democrat hands. Look, the Government can't get terrorist watch lists right, what makes anyone think they will be getting the IRS watch list any better attention. Not Me.

And what about all the Tax Cheats in his administration anyway? How many of them have there been anyway? Too many to count (but if you want to, here is a list). And here is another nugget; there are some 71 people in the White House Staff (Executive Office of the President) that owe over $600 Thousand dollars.

Hey PresBO, you want to find some Tax Cheats, just look around at the people around you, there are plenty.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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