Friday, November 13, 2009

Screwing America – Obama Style

Gird your loins; this is going to be a messy ride. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (or KSM) and 4 others held in Gitmo will be moved to a prison in NY State and then tried in a civilian court for his crimes against the U.S. The prosecutor will be the US AG, the very same one that dropped charges in Philadelphia against the "new" Black Panther Party who intimated voters on Election Day at a polling place with bats/batons. All caught on tape. Easy case to win, all you have to do is show up and Eric Holder passed.

Now this very same "prosecutor" is going to get justice out of KSM? Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. In fact, I'll predict right now that KSM walks. That's right, walks, scot free. You see, the rules of evidence in a civilian court are very much different than in a Military court. In a Military court they can take members of the Jury who will all have security clearances and reveal secrets, they can't do that in civilian court. In a civilian court, the jury will most likely be packed with Liberals (re: anti-Bush) and most likely one or two Muslims and since you need unanimous consent in a civilian criminal court I can guarantee there will be either a hung jury, miss-trial or an outright ruling of innocent. He will walk.

This Administration has time and time again demonstrated its distaste and outright hate of America. That's right, PresBO and Eric Holder and most of his leftwing/communist staff and advisors, all those Czars are all America haters and are doing everything they can to tear apart the basic foundation elements of this country. Read here, this is a great article, a bit long but it shows and highlights all the things that prove that PresBO hates America. Look at what they are doing, they seem hell bent on collapsing the American economy, they are spending us into oblivion, setting the stage for hyper inflation and most likely the collapse of the dollar. He is now claiming that he does not like the military options presented to him for Afghanistan and wants to look at a "civilian only" option. Yeah, that will work! This man does not want to hurt Muslims or upset the Muslim world by warring on it further. This is why the administration will not refer to what happened in Ft. Hood as a terrorist act committed by a Muslim terrorist. You will not hear them call it that, and wait and see if Eric Holder does not pull this case away from the military and try him in the same court that lets KSM walk. I would not be surprised.

We have elected the enemy.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

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Buck said...

I don't think KSM will walk, he's already said he's gonna plead guilty and wants to be martyred. That said, I watched Holder's presser this morning and was just appalled. I also heard Pataki beat the dogsh!t out of Holder/The One in his comments to/on FNC. As you say: this is gonna be one rough ride. But it's simply another straw added to the camel's back, innit?